“Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion, too

Imagine all the people, Living life in peace… You…”

I believe, I don’t need to introduce the singer or the title of this song. From last few days (till the time I was writing this), I’m listening this track. Truly, I didn’t feel bored just for a single second while listening continuously. This is not because, he is one of my favorite singers, but I find myself within this song, the words. Just like how I want everything in this universe. My dreams are not different, and I also want to change the world with all the goods. Really, it isn’t hard to do, if just few more people imagine the universe without boundary.

From the childhood, we have been learning that, this is my house that is yours. This town is mine that is yours. This is my country that is yours.

This is mine that is yours… is the biggest problem in this world.

Ever thought about a white globe, which can wipe out all the problems of this world. This will also help you to think of the whole world as your own country and take care of it. Just close your eyes and think for a second.

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People are so self-centric nowadays. No one have a shitty care of what others thinking, whether someone facing problem for me or not. Few months back, I was working for a startup (though it wasn’t a startup, but the management proudly said that) e-commerce company. I was surprised to see how people sleaze each other every time. Maximum number of managers are using their subordinates as a slave. They are kicking out the employees whenever they want. They don’t even think for a second what this employee has done for their business. I know there is no place of emotion in the business. I also know that the real business world is tough and much more competitive than we think. But that doesn’t mean you need to forget all the gratefulness when you are in charge. Who knows, the person whom you are kicking out today, maybe someday he/she will be your boss. Teach the people twice or thrice, if they have lacking. If you don’t have patience, then don’t dare to take the charge of a team. Becoming a boss is easier, but becoming a leader is not so easy, buddy. Do you know why I mentioned this short-case? Because only the leaders can change the world. Only Leaders have the power to change the people.

Tell me one thing, how many people are positively convinced by you today, or till now? There will be so many storms you’ll face while trying. But overcoming those and motivate people for good, teach them good and show them the right path is the job of a real leader. You don’t need to be a manager or senior somewhere, your words will be enough to recognize you.

“Where there is love there is life” — Mahatma Gandhi

Let me share a life story with you. While I was in University for my graduation, I got involved with a volunteer club. The team enthusiasm I got at the starting was not the same when I retired. I gave them the lesson of teamwork, lesson of bonding and togetherness. Nothing much, I worked with them as a brother. I listened to them, tried to solve their problems, and showed them the right paths. That’s it. It changed the scenario of the whole club. We got the best club’s recognition. What could be the reason of more happiness than this? I taught them to play as a full team rather than to play division wise.

No interest to know, whether they remember me or not, but the change I brought made them successful in their lives.

There are two kinds of power in this world. One is fear of punishment and another one is Love. You have no idea, how much strong is the power of love, than the fear of punishment..

One Team, One Nation… it is all up to you and your thinking. In the mission of making “One Nation”, you need to act as a leader and listen to the other leaders. You need to have the mentality of listening your faults. There is no better way of self-development. Most importantly your PR development. Trust me, it works.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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