When you truly love a person-even after the love has ended-it’s only right that you question the what will become of the one you love. It could be an ending. It could be temporary. It could be something as small as leaving the house for only a second. In whatever way the form comes in, when a person’s heart is involved, there comes a moment of needing to know that even after a person is gone, they will continue to be, alright. For, the heart is still strong. Even when an ending has begun, one’s emotions are attached to the object of one’s desire. Even after they have gone, things continue to move forward.

Ending with the Republican Dominicana, love continues to wait and extends into the aftermath. Communication plays its role in it all. Speaking to the one of one’s heart’s desire permits so many things when it comes to concerns of their well-being. Anxiety. Worry. Depression. All of such can happen when you don’t know what to do for a person, who has left your space. What do you do when you are unable to receive communication from that very same individual? Someone whom you once shared a loving wellness with.

“Que sera de ti?” What will you do? What will you do when the love has faded and gone away? What will you do? Where will you go? Who will be your next major love? Who will you love?

Sometimes a poetry is so intricate that you can stay stuck on its first few words. The title of the song, maybe? ??? Perhaps, it’s because the first few words hit the deepest. They are the realistic when it comes to impacting one’s emotions. Yes. That seems about right. That’s just it. For now, let’s permit the words. Que sera de ti to marinate. We’ll connect to other portions of the song. It’s just that for now, we want the wonder of those sacred words to roll into the very psyche of one’s emotional, mental, and physical awakening. Have you ever wondered of the presence of a certain lover? Well wonder, along and cherish that bond, within you.

Sonia Silvestre