When we are out of sync and lacking energy, we will create poorly and when we are focussed, powered up and feeling aligned, we will create magnificently. It seems obvious really. So why don’t more people talk about energy and what do with it, and how to tap into it and feel amazing and do some pretty cool stuff with it too? 

Read on to find out more about what you can do with your energy to really step it up in 2019 and become a creation powerhouse!

It’s hard to operate effectively when you’re feeling drained. Obvious, right? And yet, when we talk about money and wealth, we rarely (if ever) talk about the energy which goes behind it. 

With the post Christmas blues kicking in (big time), the lull in energy levels after copious quantities of booze and rich foods, and a long, cold winter ahead of us in the Southern Hemisphere – what better time to get your energy levels back up to scratch and get in the mood to make some serious impact in 2019 from a place of aligned and energetic health-wealth vibration?

We are all creative beings at our core. Literally. We have the creative life-force behind all life, within each of us. There’s a good reason why this energy is so seductive and powerful: We’re driven to procreate more than any other behaviour in nature and there are some simple things you can do to tap into this super productive energy – the most powerful of all the creative energies… the life force itself… sexual energy!

Have you ever felt totally sexually aligned with another human being (or even with yourself)? How did that happen? Was it conscious or unconscious? By understanding how the energy centres in the body work, it’s easier to play with them and make this alignment more conscious.

Stop whatever you’re doing right now – unless it’s driving a car or flying an aeroplane – shut your eyes and focus your attention on your second chakra, which is based in the pelvic area and represents the sexual organs, kidneys, bladder etc. Imagine the life-force within this area and then contract your perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum or vulva). Can you feel the energy within you at the base chakra? This is one of the easiest and simplest ways to feel the life-force energy.

Now take this energy and start to contract the muscles from your pelvic area and upwards towards your heart and then your head as if you are a pipping energetic icing up through your internal organs. 

How did that feel? Was it a nice sensation? Keep doing this exercise and you can start to practice moving energy internally once you get the knack of it. You can learn more about this simple energy-shifting technique by searching for ‘Vairagya’ on Google.

Now, this exercise leads us on nicely to the next way to increase your energetic vibration, because behind the sexual energy lies a powerful force which we all know and love… in fact, it is LOVE! So let’s tap into love now and use it to raise our vibration in another area which many people struggle with: money, or wealth creation!

What is money? As Mary Schiller so eloquently puts it: “Money is just thank you notes”. You get back what you give, but unless there is an alignment, you won’t get it back in the same quantities. I should know, as I wasn’t getting back anything near what I should have been receiving until I shifted my energetic vibration to be in alignment with money creation and receiving. The simplest way to access this vibrational state is to tap into the feeling of gratitude which automatically aligns us with love and abundance. 

When you focus and channel energy in the right way to the right places, you can start to create anything you want in your life. And this applies to money and wealth as well.

Now take the energy which you created in the first exercise (starting from the perineum and moving it up the chakras) and do the same internal piping as before. Only this time, when you get the energy into your head (the 3rd eye and crown chakras), I want you to imagine and feel the energy of absolute gratitude. It could be for a friendship which means something special to you, for a loved one, for your health, for your freedom, or anything else which comes to mind. Focus on this energy and imagine it being amplified out into the space beyond your head.  

Why do this? Well, our thoughts create things. Look around you now at the multitude of ‘things’ which have been created by having thought about them. Why should money and wealth be any different? Why should we not put as much focussed and aligned energy into the creation of money and wealth as we do with our children, our lovers or our own health? 

The quality of your thinking (energy) will deliver the quality of the results. It’s common sense, and yet we take our thinking (about) money and wealth for granted without doing to work and making it more powerful and useful. By spending time thinking, or meditating on this, creating the feeling of gratitude and amplifying this through your own body and beyond, you will be increasing your energetic vibrational frequency.

Now, let’s look at some physical aspects of energetic alignment and really ramp up those good feelings. When it comes to fuel in, fuel out, apart from doing the obvious like cutting back on alcohol and caffeine and increasing water intake, here are some lesser known diet tips and tricks to increase your energy.

I use Fitline products (www.pm-international.com) daily to make sure I am getting all of the nutrients I need to be delivered in the best way possible through their Nutrient Transport Concept (NTC®) – which has been developed to bring the nutrients to where they are needed at the cellular level as fast as possible. This, combined with intermittent fasting (in the morning), allows me to have as many carbohydrates and sugars as I want in the evening (when I am sluggish anyway) and relax knowing I’ve optimised my energy levels throughout the day without feeling hard done by or as if I am sacrificing anything. As my energy is always at a peak in the morning, I supplement this spike with coffee and take my Fitline supplements at lunch before exercise. I have found this daily routine works with my own energy levels and gives them the optimum boost at the best times. You will need to find your own rhythm (if you are a night owl, then reverse the cycle) and make it work for you and your routines.

I’ve spoken already about meditation, but having a daily meditation practice is not only great for your mind, body and spirit, but it has also been scientifically proven to help prevent certain medical conditions. However, I also like to upgrade my meditations and use vibrational frequencies to add to their effectiveness. There has been much scientific research on the vibrational frequencies of Binaural beats and the Schumann resonance, at 7.83 Hz (which is supposed to be Earth’s vibrational frequency), but from a pure enjoyment level, I like to tune into these frequencies when I am meditating as they help me relax and align my energy more effectively. 

They also help me to sleep more soundly, which is another top tip for keeping your energy levels to the max. Make sure you keep screens out of the bedroom and try to avoid the news late at night as this will also help you sleep more soundly at night and start the day fresh.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful and if you would like a complete energy reset, then why not join Fiona Maguire and myself on the stunning island of Cape Verde in just a few weeks time, as we tap into Mother Nature’s energy and really ramp up our own energetic vibration and make sure 2019 is THE year for health, wealth and happiness.

This retreat will be an ‘in person’, full on experience of working with energy with one of the best and most experienced energy professionals in the planet. Fiona Maguire is incredible and I urge you to come and Join us: https://rethinkingbusiness.biz/cape-verde-2019/ to really make 2019 your best and most incredible year ever!