Write Your Own Wedding Vows in 6 Easy Steps

Have you thought of writing your own wedding vows but are anxious and unsure of how best to express the love that you have for your partner? Worry no more. Below is a simple vow writing process that will help you come up with meaningful wedding vows.

1. Inspire yourself using the materials around you. There are a lot of materials that can help you express your thoughts all around you, you only need to find them. Reading poetry, writings about weddings, songs, and even greetings cards will give you some inspiration. Read a few vow books to see what words of love were used by others in the past. Borrow ideas from your religion, culture or a spiritual tradition you love. Find inspirational quotes on love and watch good wedding movies. You can even paraphrase a line from your favorite movie to become your vow.

2. Ask yourself these five questions

Using a pen and a paper, write down your thoughts as you consider the below questions?

i). How did you meet your partner and what made you fall in love?

ii). What do you love about each other?

iii). What does getting married mean to you?

iv). What are some of your dreams and intentions for married life?

v). What story do you want to share about your love?

Your answers to the above questions will provide you with important insights which you can include in your vows. One good example is a vegetarian woman who married a meat inspector. The exercise made them realize that their shared love for animals was way greater than their differing views on food. In their vows, the husband noted that he loved her because she treated a hungry stray dog the same way he would have.

3. Reflect on the feelings. Take some time to reflect on the feeling that made you want to get married. Remember the exact point when you realized that your relationship was going to last. How excited were you when you got engaged? Remember the little things your partner does that make you happy. Once you allow these feelings to flow freely the vows will soon follow. At this point, you can now begin writing your vows.

4. Start With a Draft. Assume that you are writing a short love letter. You could start by sharing something about how you met, followed by what you love about your partner. It’s okay to give a cute and funny reason. Say how your love makes you feel and the things that make you look forward to spending your lives together. Include the promises you want to make on your wedding day. End by saying that you are grateful for your partner’s love. Obviously, you can add your own unique bits. For instance, if you ever fantasized about being married to your partner, you can mention it. If at some point you lost contact only to rediscover your love later, mention that too.

5. Revise Your Draft. Perfecting a draft may take a while. Hence, do not wait until the last minute to do it. Read your first draft slowly editing and adding new thoughts to make it more impactful. Add a little humor if you so wish. You may add a little personal detail too like something you love watching him do in the house. Some online tools can be of help while revising your vows, these include:


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6. Speak From the Heart. Let the words you say come from deep within you. Since it’s your wedding, you should feel free to share whatever you wish. Your vows don’t have to be long or entertaining. You only need to ensure that they are real and that you deliver them with the authentic emotion that befits the moment. Do that and you will have excellent wedding vows.