Each day, people seek to discover their life’s purpose. Some seek to discover their purpose in religion, through travel, by acquiring knowledge, and by attaining material possessions. As an inspirational author, writing gives me purpose. I like the idea of knowing that I can create messages that arouse a sense of hope in readers.

I believe that our life’s purpose is the singular thing that drives us to wake up in the morning. When you find your purpose, you will, in turn, direct your energy toward efforts that allow you to share your gift with others, in a way that helps or enlightens them.

In my daily life, I self-publish inspirational books, write speeches, and seek out ways to speak to others about issues that are important to me: faith, health and wellness, and self-compassion.

Of the three issues I write and speak about, self-compassion is a paramount to me. It is important for me to use writing as a vehicle help others understand how vital stillness, wellness, affirmations, and rest are to their well-being. Too often we rush through life. We do not pause. We do not breathe. We just go. When we do not practice self-compassion we become weary, worn, and sick.

In as much as I love writing about self-compassion, I love discovering new ways to practice self-compassion. After all, it is not what we say, but what we put into practice that really makes the difference in our lives.

Writing is the vehicle that gives me purpose. And in my daily life, I stay aligned with my sense of purpose not by writing, by using writing to practice self-compassion, and by sharing information and tools with others that will inspire them to be more intentional in their own lives.