For some, speaking is a relief; however, there are those who prefer writing to let off steam. Writing as therapy, that is, to express our feelings, our emotions, how we are or what our state is when faced with a situation is a method used to face the difficult situations that some people have a hard time overcoming. Several studies have shown that after undergoing a therapeutic process based on writing, treated patients have experienced significant health improvements.

Why write

Other research indicates that humans are narrative beings; our nature drives us to verbalize things. And the fact of not counting them, in whatever way, can have a negative impact on our health.

What does writing give us in this process of mental liberation? According to experts, the fact of writing through implies greater awareness. A deeper analysis of what is happening to us. Therefore, for it to take effect it is important to turn it into a routine act, every day or almost all.

When writing through Aim High writing we tend to be more detailed, to discern things more and to be more focused on what we do because we must follow a grammatical structure that does not become so palpable when we speak. All this implies that we delve deeper into our problems. The emotional understanding of our concerns is key to understanding them, accepting them and thus reaching a solution.

How to do it

The way to use writing with Aim High writing as a therapy will depend on each case and the disorder we want to treat. In traumatic experiences, it may take more time and even go to a health professional to tell us how to properly redirect this therapy and follow up.

Similarly, we can incorporate them into our daily lives to face specific situations that are momentarily altering us. The formula is very simple because in any case, it is not about being great masters of literature. When we turn to write as a therapeutic weapon we must not seek to write well like or as an expert, it is only a means to express how we feel, it is a method of self-knowledge.

It is intimate and personal writing, although it is necessary to give it full dedication when using it. Therefore, psychologists recommend using a pen and paper, better than a computer, and get carried away by what we feel, naturally, without looking for beautiful literary figures, but looking to describe as much as we can, in our own way, everything that happens and what reactions are causing us. In addition if you need help you have to visit Time is relative, but we can be about 20 minutes every two days or every day a few minutes, less time. The important thing is to create the habit and then, after a few months, it is good to reread what we wrote and compare how we were then and how we are now.


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