Meet Dr. Pia, the founder of Cosmetic Dentistry Center NYC which is a state-of-the-art Park Avenue practice that proves dentistry is a science but is an art. Through exceptional artistic talent, technical skill, creativity and an eye for beauty, Dr. Pia creates a flawless smile – individually handcrafted and perfected for each patient. Dr. Pia is renowned for her no drilling porcelain veneers technique. 

Not only a total rockstar in the dental space, Dr. Pia is proving that females can really have it all – boosting confidence beyond your smile. We spoke to Dr. Pia about immigrating to the US, how to feel great and more!

Tell us about your practice?

I started my practice 29 years ago with the vision that I could become the best female cosmetic dentist in an all male dominated industry. When I was in dental school I asked my peer to teach me how, and his response was you are either born with it or you are not! I went home and cried for 3 days and then took every possible course (at school) to be person and dentist which shaped me into who I am today.

I see only one patient per day in order to provide the highest quality work that I can achieve. When performing a cosmetic procedure you must be very focused to ensure every small detail counts. Having the pressure or stress of knowing that another patient in the waiting room does not allow you to perform your best.

What is the “Dr.Pia method?”

I always try to put myself in my patients’ shoes. I find that helps me understand their needs. Having said that, I have created a technique that allows the patient to see what I see. When a patient comes in, I understand exactly what I would like to improve and how I will do it. They don’t.

Upon their first or second appointment, I hand sculpt directly on the patient’s teeth a temporary version of what their new smile can look like. The patient can wear it for a few hours to a few days to see how they like their new smile and if they want to make any small changes, which is very easy to do.

After the size and shape is good to go, my ceramist has an exact guide of what we need in terms of size,shape,and color which makes for very predictable results and no surprises.

As a successful woman in a male dominated industry, what keeps you and your practice on top of the “game?”

I’m always learning! Whether it’s new procedures or beauty techniques, you must always stay one step ahead.  I also feel that as a woman, we have a better eye for color and fine detail such as shapes and sizes.

As a woman that takes care of herself and tries to look the best she can, you must always stay connected with all the new trends. I find men get into a place of comfort and they stay there in the status quo. I usually experiment on myself like the mad scientist that I am!

Tell us how your work helps to boast self confidence?

The first thing that people see is your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry helps all patients look and feel their very best. Modification in color, size and shape to perfection helps to bring everyone as close to their golden ratio as possible. As an added bonus, a perfect smile can take years off your appearance.

What does self confidence mean to you?

Feeling good in your own skin; Accepting that we are not perfect and that we all mistakes is the key to not repeating them and gives us the abillity to learn from them. Repeating bad pattens just keeps you stuck. I believe that by getting of your comfort, you can reach the next level. By practicing self-enlightment – being the best you that there is – gives you natural confidence as well.

After immigrating to the United States from Italy, what were some life lessons you encountered?

  • If you love what you do as much as I do, hard work isn’t work – it is a joy.
  • Also, never give up – your dreams can come true with hard work, discipline and drive.  
  • Be kind to others; when my family and I arrived in this country, we were treated with so much kindness.
  • And, be grateful for every minute of your life.

What are some of your most moving patient testimonials?

The most touching testimonials are when the patient hugs me, crying, thanking me for changing their lives. I too start to cry.

How do you manage it “all” – work, stress, personal life?

Balance is key..  Work hard, play hard and rest.

What is your favorite quote?

“And this too shall pass.”

What are your favorite tips for success?

  • Never give up.
  • Never get emotional in the office, sleep on everything.
  • Be competitive
  • Alway check on the competition

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