What if the next candidate you support isn’t a person … but a platform?

What if the next voting block isn’t a demographic colour … but the colourful Planet?

What if the next election isn’t just about policy … but Humanity?

Now more than ever it’s about more than just one campaign, one candidate’s promises, one election – or one winner.

All For One or None For All …

… because whether or not one believes in the weather there’s one thing for sure: the climate is always changing — but the size of the Earth is not. The climate is always changing — but so are we, procreating and migrating and infiltrating vulnerable global regions in swelling numbers … or evacuating previously habitable ones that are now weather-devastated in growing numbers. 

The more of us living out of sync with the rhythms of Nature and the longer we do so, the more we risk our Human Nature (and cliMates everywhere). 

What if everything you saw was a reflection of yourself? What if everything you do was a reflection of your worth? What if that tree, ocean, animal, insect, soil, wasn’t just some noun over there — but an actual and vivid extension of you? For better or worse, in sickness and in health, this is our prearranged marriage the moment we arrive on Earth.

SIMPOL is the only viable vote left, before we vote ourselves permanently out of office. And the day we understand that is the day we understand that a vote for Nature is a vote for Human Nature. Vote for y’our Nature.

When it comes to Climate Change we’re all cliMates :-).

Originally published at medium.com