Rest hours are of great importance to me, which is why I have established rest schedules respecting my circadian cycle both to meet my personal goal of losing weight and for my performance, mood, and concentration in daily tasks.

I reduced carbohydrates, restaurant meals, I do not consume sodas, juices or sweets. I started consuming foods rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, prepared daily by me, and I have been consistent in drinking enough water.

I joined other people who shared the same goal of losing weight to exercise three times a week. Little by little, my endurance and breathing during the exercises improved and my energy level increased.

I have participated in personal growth and self-esteem workshops that have provided the tools to stay focused on my goal. I work responsibly with the distribution of my time.

Definitely, the decision not to eat fast food has helped me save money. I can save approximately $65 a week.

I have always had a very good relationship with the people I love and I try to keep them in my environment. As part of the personal growth that my goal has allowed me, I can say that I relate better to the community in general. When my loved ones saw that I was determined to make changes, they began to support me and accompany me through the process. Their words of encouragement have been the driving force to not abandon the goal.

The desire to participate in this Challenge helped me discipline myself to make these changes, achieve this new lifestyle, and improve my physical and emotional health. I no longer feel exhausted and worn out at the end of the work day, but I come home with the aim of carrying out the tasks and fulfilling the schedule to continue to the next level. At work, I have decided to create a balance so as not to overdo it as I did before and to better distribute my time.

The most exciting thing is to have noticed the difference from the beginning, to demonstrate that the limits are in our minds and that, if you really want to achieve something, you can do it. With my story I can motivate many people who want this change and do not dare to start it.

Yashira Santana Martínez, Walmart Store #2501, Bayamon, PR; $5K Winner