Every person need to know about Yawning’s positive aspect.Story narrates about Why Yawning is Contagious & Easy tips to stop Yawning.

Yawning is contagious!!! Is Yawning makes you feel low?!!

One fine evening,Azar returned from office with dull face & look upset. Barvin, his wife enquired about the reason behind his dullness.

Azar narrated that his friend Rakshan used to yawn frequently , nowadays. Especially in the office meeting,he started Yawning which made Azar to yawn.Because of this,their Manager was irritated and got upset on both of them.

Azar vexed about it and continued that he didn’t know why he was yawning immediately after Rakshan.

Being a Doctor,Barvin tried to help Azar to sort out this issues.

Reason for Yawning:

It is common form of Ecophenomena and it is activated by primary centre of Brain that feel outside the conscious level and has so many triggered factors.

It may be a physiological cue as the competition between vigilance and sleep pressure begins to favour Drowsiness.

Scientist Dr.Robert Provine explains yawning as “associated with change of Behavioral state,wakefulness to sleep,Sleep to wakefulness,Boredom to alertness”

Azar’s irritation level was peaked up!!

Dr.Barvin catched it and explained that Yawning occurred because the body wants to wake itself up.

& added that Since Rakshan was in Paternity period{Recently become father},he may had sleep disturbances,which made him tired & yawn during working hours.

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Azar interrupted and asked about the reason of his Yawning??

Barvin continued that another anecdotal evidence stated that Yawning is Contagious and it is linked to Empathy.

It is a psychological effect that happens only in response to seeing,learning or reading about Yawning.

Some researchers found that Yawning occurs more among loved ones.

Stronger the bond more you yawn.

Meanwhilst,Both Barvin and Azar were Yawning!!

Are you Yawning,Now?

Psychologist Gordon Gallup stated that “Yawning is a Primitive Empathetic mechanism related to Mental state attribution”-“Activates motor imitation,Empathy & social behaviour parts of brain.”

Azar enquired about How to get rid out of this?!!

How do you stop Yawning:

  • Take a Deep Breath:

Deep breathing helps to have more oxygen since yawning may occur due to low level of oxygen in Paraventricular Nucleus of Hypothalamus of the Brain.

  • Drink Cold water or Cool Drinks{To Know more about water,click here}
  • Stretching out
  • Take Snacks preferably fruits or cold items.
  • Cold Compression on Head for a minute before entering in to Meeting.

So When someone yawns,immediately correct them,otherwise they spread it in to surroundings.

Azar was convinced by her Explanation & feeling pride about her Doctor wife.

End of the Story:

Azar conveyed all messages to his friend Rakshan and asked him to take his Paternity leave.

Since Azar is the Team leader,he educated the same to his teammates which indirectly delivered to his Boss,later.

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For Athelets:

Some theories states that yawning causes an increase in blood pressure,heart reate and oxygen in the blood which in turn improves motor function and alertness.

This may be the reason for many athelets yawn before playing their respective sports.


When someone yawns in your meeting or during classes in school or colleges or during  conversations etc etc

Offer some cold water & ask them to change their position.

Otherwise they will make you Yawn.

It is better to understand the scientific facts and interpret accordingly instead of warning!!

Warning for yawning makes both of them irritable & the affected person feels humiliated.

Lets stop this.

Share it to your Collegues!!

yawn a lot when I typed this article.What about you?

Tell your experience in comment section….


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