There are multiple factors that result in thinking that we cannot do that thing, or things, which will propel us to the NEXT LEVEL.

One such factor is being told that we can’t do something.

How many times have others discouraged you from doing what you know to be true and right for yourself? How many times have you experienced no for an answer from questionable people?

Although I’ve experienced this numerous times, I’ve learned to politely—and sometimes not so politely—ignore and set aside those opinions (because that’s exactly what they are, opinions) that don’t align with my personal goals and personal ethos. You can, too.

A woman I know told me that when she was growing up, her mother wanted her to study literature and languages. She obeyed her mother and was quite unhappy. She felt that literature wasn’t her thing and that she was terrible at languages. Her mother was simply projecting her deepest wishes onto her daughter. One day, the daughter spoke to someone who encouraged her to volunteer at a hospital. That’s when she understood what she really wanted to do, become a nurse. Today, she is a retired nurse who acts as a guide in medical projects for aboriginal people in remote parts of Canada. She feels fulfilled and grateful that, in the twilight years of her life, she can contribute to society.

Another factor that stops us from advancing along the path we know is best is insecurity. You may feel insecure about moving forward, going up a level, even though you know, feel, intuit and believe that it’s the right thing to do.

Another factor is false beliefs. You wrongly think that it may not be time yet; that the stars haven’t perfectly aligned yet for your precious venture; that you haven’t gotten the rubber stamp on your project (you never will, by the way); or that others can do it better than you (they can’t).

Discouragement, insecurity, false beliefs, wrong projections, and false comparisons to others are some of the stoppers to moving up to the Next Level.

The reason you can move up a level, however, is because you’re unique and there is no other person out of the nearly 8 billion people on our planet like you. This means that only you can pursue and materialize whatever your heartfelt aspirations are, your deepest desires, your ultimate passion.

At every step of the way, you will experience opposition because what you do openly, many secretly seek to do but lack the self-esteem and willpower to act.

The first secret to moving to the NEXT LEVEL is saying to yourself, ‘Yes, I can.’

These three, little words hold a world of meaning. ‘Yes,’ is a positive affirmation. ‘I’ refers to you. And ‘can’ implies the ability and permission that will take you there.

In the beginning, you’ll need to actively shut out negativity. You can do this by purposefully shutting out influences that you know will stop you from starting your journey to the NEXT LEVEL. You can do this by jealously guarding your time; spending less time with people who drain your energy instead of generously giving you energy; actively remembering that the negative thoughts or words of others aren’t yours. How many times have I thought something and then pinched myself realizing, ‘That wasn’t my thought!’

As time goes by and as you move up in levels, you’ll realize that you’ve become immune to almost everything. Immunity does not equate with insensitivity. It means that your ‘feathers’ are like those of a duck. Whatever needs to slip off will. It could be words, past memories, false words, bad thoughts, wrong projections, whatever. All of these non-aligned things will roll off you as you gracefully move forward.

The beginning of the journey to taking it to the NEXT LEVEL begins with one positive affirmation, ‘Yes, I can.’

Let’s Take it to the NEXT LEVEL,


Image title and credit: Duck III by Luba Rascheff |LUBA RASCHEFF PHOTOGRAPHY