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It has been seven months since many of those we work for sent their workforce home to work remotely due to COVID-19. Many of these organizations are continuing with a remote workforce through the remainder of 2020. Still, some are reviewing their business model and have committed to a remote workforce through 2021.

I still remember the first several weeks and the number of Slack messages, internal corporate emails and news articles that covered tips and tricks for working remotely.

The tips always included sage advice on how to communicate with team members, create a dedicated work space, establish healthy boundaries, embrace online meetings (loved this one) and take scheduled breaks.

One tip I communicated with my team and organization at the time was….get up and get ready for work each work day as if you were going to the office!

And, I am glad to report that today, seven months into the pandemic with many industries still working remotely, I get up every morning and get ready for work as if I was going to the office. Still!

So, why is this still important?

  1. It is important to set an example
  2. We are now constantly on video conferencing calls
  3. It helps set a mind set that you actually have work to do

It is important to set an example.

If you are a manager or work on a team, it is important to set an example to those that report to you and those that you work with. And, for those that have children, it is important for them to know you have a role other than parent and that it is important for you to “look the part” for that role.

We are now constantly on video conferencing calls.

I have to admit, I was not a fan of the everyday video conference call with my team. And, leaders in the organization were adamant that cameras had to be “ON” in order to show interest and for organizational morale.

In any event, getting ready as if you are going to the office provides some comfort when having to be “on camera” – even if you have your pajama bottoms on.

Needless to say, many in the organization never did turn on their camera and seven months in on this remote work circumstance there have been numerous articles on how turning your video camera “on” is bad and creates discomfort in many.

It helps set a mind set that you have work to do.

When we all worked in an office, we knew that when we got up, took a shower and got dressed, that we were going to a place in which we were going to “do something” and get paid for it. When our office was open I did not hop out of bed in my pajamas and commute to the city. That would be unthinkable (unless I was in a dream).

However, there are still many of you out there today that are logging on remotely in your pajamas or t-shirt and shorts.

I believe getting up and getting ready to work as if you are going to the office will help with creating a healthy habit and workspace as we look at the realization that remote work and working remotely is not going to go away anytime soon.

Tom Donnelly is a 30 year veteran of public affairs, grassroots and advocacy and writes about the advocacy process and how anyone can participate. You can learn more about Tom at