There. I finally said it. I have been given looks. I have been asked how my other two kids are doing in a way that it was obvious the asker thought I was neglecting them. I’ve been told I talk too much about my daughter’s health issues. I have felt guilty for years and years for giving my daughter more attention, time and money toward making her healthy. I won’t feel that way anymore because I know I have tried my very best to love all my kids.

The reality is that when one of your children needs more of your time, you give it to them.  The last thing medical parents need is disapproval on how many resources they use on their chronically ill child.

We KNOW that no matter how good our health insurance is that we will spend more money on our sick child. 

We KNOW that our healthy children have more responsibilities than their friends.

We KNOW that it is unfair to our other children whom we can’t afford the latest toy, video game because of medical expenses.

We KNOW that surgeries and hospitalizations suck up our energy and don’t have a lot of energy leftover.

We KNOW it’s not a lot of fun to tag along on doctor’s appointments, but babysitters are not always available or affordable.

We KNOW that our family’s life revolves somewhat around the child with health issues.

We KNOW that our healthy kids have a very different life than their friends.

We KNOW that lack of finances, and time prevents our healthy kids from doing extracurricular activities.

We KNOW that it’s hard for your kids to bring their friends around because of our special needs’ household.

We KNOW that life is not fair.

We KNOW. We KNOW it all. In the end, we are doing the best we can for our entire family.  You just may not see it. Thank you for your support by keeping your comments and looks to yourself.