Yes, No, Wow! Joel Block, Ph.D.

Yesis about being able to give of yourself to others, giving love, care and having a generous heart; it is about feeling worthy to receive from others (love, compliments and other good things); and it is also about being able to give to yourself, to be self-forgiving and self-compassionate. It is about believing in yourself. It is about taking care of yourself, eating real food and protecting your health. These are all forms of Yes.

         Nois about being able to refuse requests and maintain reasonable control over your life, being appropriately assertive, not being overly concerned with the approval of others; it is about accepting No in the form of criticism and rejection without being damaged or unduly discouraged; it is about being able to say No to yourself when it comes to negative impulses and excesses such as over-eating, alcoholism, rage, and other impulse problems.

         Wow!is about maintaining or regaining the freshness and excitement we had as children. The ability to play, move easily, to marvel at a sunset, to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Wow! also involves bringing enthusiasm and energy into your life. 

         Yes, No, Wow! Life is about these three words.