Within three minutes of talking to someone about SipScene, I hear the same question.

“Do you have an app?”

The answer is no.

SipScene is about connecting people in real life.

We want people to spend less time online, and more time offline, meeting new people.

You already have several messaging apps on your phone: FaceBook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Text Message, 5 different Gmail accounts…

You already have multiple payment apps and methods on your phone: Apple pay, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, Chase, ….

You also already have multiple event ticketing platforms: Eventbrite, Eventerr, MeetUp, FaceBook Events, Google Events, …

So, why do we need to build another event, payment, messaging app? We don’t.

We don’t need to show an impressive number of downloads, that is not our mission, that does not serve you. As an early stage startup that is 100% self funded, we do not need to build tech that is half as good as the existing providers.

We tried that. It wasn’t what was best for our users.

We measure our success by your time spent offline, at our events, meeting people, building relationships, creating connection.

So no, we are not building an app. That isn’t because we don’t want to track everything, it is because thanks to other amazing technology companies, we can do that without requiring anything else from you.

We are OLD SCHOOL and proud. We have built something that takes you 5 seconds to sign up. We have built something where we send you curated events that you want to see, connecting you to people that you want to meet in real life. Less swiping, ghosting, and answering questions to complete your profile so we can learn about you.

Let us serve you. Let us do the work. Let us find the events and the people. So you can spend time talking to them.

That is solving a problem for your users, not creating a solution for yourself.

Want to meet new people without spending hours online? Join the club.

Click here → http://sipscene.com


  • Vikki Louise @vikkilouise___

    Anxiety & Procrastination Coach

    Vikki Louise Coaching

    Vikki graduated from London School of Economics and worked for finance and tech companies across London and NYC, before turning her personal development hobby into a successful career. Her style of coaching is tough and successful, it is a no BS approach. It is a blend of neuroscience, evolutionary biology, life coaching tools and tough love that teach people to understand their brain, teach tools on how to rewire their thinking to get results - and empower people to actually use the tools and get it done! Vikki hosts the F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done podcast available on iTunes.