Sitting in my home office on a well-deserved 2020 vacation day, I am anticipating my half-century birthday this week.  Guess what?  As a recovering perfectionist, I am actually feeling at peace with what is, and excited about what’s to come in this beautiful life I have been given.

2020 has been an incredibly productive and positive year for me because I allowed myself to explore the things that truly light me up and align with my life’s purpose and personal wellbeing. 

This year, I had some big dreams.  I wanted to become an author; to create a brand, a blog, a website, and luxurious products.  I wanted to become a certified holistic health coach and to bring a message of wellbeing and authenticity to countless women and men in the corporate world through my voice and my platform.  Each of these dreams has now become a reality.

12 months ago, these accomplishments were nothing more than dreams and visions. In October, 2019, I believed that there was no possible way that I would have the time, resources or ability to achieve my dreams while also thriving in my rewarding career in the global luxury goods industry.    

As I recall the intentions I had one year ago, I now see clearly how living from a sense of purpose rather than narrowly defined goals, allowed me the openness to receive guidance on the path toward my dreams.  Instead of always pushing to get what I wanted, I allowed it to come to me by being open and curious.

These are the 3 Simple Steps that propelled me to take massive action and start living the life of my dreams in less than 12 months:

  1. I Found My Tribe
  2. I Hired the Right Coach
  3. I Created a System to Balance my Life 

Find Your Tribe

Last November, I attended a week-long retreat with spiritual entrepreneurs.  I went to a place that was uncomfortable and outside of my comfort zone, but somehow in the discomfort, I found it to be the best decision I made in many years. 

During this retreat, I connected with people on the same path as I was at that very moment in time.  Surrounding myself with a community of like-minded individuals built a safety net that supported, understood, and encouraged the work I was trying to do in the world.  This sisterhood was life-giving and life-changing.  Had I tried to find supportive resources within my existing community, I would not have been able to move forward with my ambitions as quickly.  Having a squad that is on the same path, understands how to get there, how to remove blocks and how to achieve results continues to be rewarding and game-changing for my productivity and accountability.  

This group led me to new groups, new learnings and new experiences throughout the year- all of which have supported my growth and development on my personal, professional and entrepreneurial path.  Doors began to open easily through this network.

Lesson: Find your tribe and let them lift you up to the greatness of who you are.  Be that tribe for others.

Hire the Right Coach

On January 1st, 2020, I committed to myself that I would invest in a coach.  For once, I realized that it was okay to get support in my quest to do more and be my best.  I realized that I needed to have the support around me to help me execute beyond my vision and dreams.  

When you find the right coach, you learn to release all of the blocks in your life, to release the clutter so that you can move forward one step at a time toward what you want.  

Having the right coach allows you to be vulnerable, honest, and accountable to yourself.

That weekly meeting was the most important and significant 30 minutes of my week and kept me on the path of dreaming and executing.  

She made me see anything I want to do is in fact possible!  And she was right!

Lesson: Find the right coach- who gets you, who gets your lifestyle, who gets your intention, who allows you to show up in your authenticity. 

Find a System to Balance your Life & Wellbeing 

In the end, you need to create the right environment for growth.  

With much trial and error, I discovered the Elevate 888 Method to life transformation in 2020, and I am now sharing that with others through my Elevate 888 Signature 30 Day Challenge and Daily Planning System.

Being able to get clear on my priorities, and find an effective way to manage my time, my family, my dreams and my wellbeing, has allowed me to experience success in all areas of my life, creating a happy and fulfilling life that I don’t need a vacation from! 

Lesson: Invest in a system that allows you to get clear on your priorities, take consistent action and put your wellbeing at the core of what you do every day.

If you follow these three steps, you can and will have it all, and don’t you deserve it??

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