“You can’t take it with you,” “money is evil” and other such phrases, I believe, were invented by the ruling elite many centuries ago to create a sense of illusionary contentment for the peasants. Rumi pondered this point 800 years ago when he said, “Why is it that everything that is allowed to the elite is forbidden to the masses.”

In order to keep the lower classes from aggressively envying the power and wealth of the elite, they instilled in them the sentiment that the very thing that gives the ruling classes its unquestionable power is not to be envied, because it isn’t good or “holy” to hold. This is truly brilliant tactic and has been working like a charm ever since.

In fact this successful programming has been so ingrained in the public that one of my students belonging to the millennials generation recently said, aren’t rich people miserable. Why would a 22-year-old who is in LA to pursue a dream of becoming a big Hollywood star say such a hypocritical statement, so contrary to his own dream? That’s yet another proof that commonsense isn’t common at all and needs to be learned.

 The simple truth is money is energy and energy equals power. More energy opens up more options and more ways to make an impact.

The meaning of life is to constantly grow and to have enriched experiences. And one of the main elements that can help facilitate the ‘enriched experiences’ part is the energy of money, specially if you are thoughtful and passionate and want to start off creative or philanthropic projects. However, a life pursued in the sole purpose of monetary enrichment would be a waste.

 Due to the process of reincarnation, you are in many ways the sum of all your experiences up to this point. You indeed can take it with you; in fact you will take the collective essence of all your experiences with you after you pass away.

You will take the whole of who you are, including:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your new experiences
  • How you are treated by others (whether you experience respect and reverence or the opposite)
  • The experience of owning properties, wealth, nice toys to play with or lack thereof
  • Whether you have power and authority over people or if you are the target of control and oppression
  • The experience of love, security and warmth or lack thereof
  • Your special skills, creativity and unique personality quirks

The whole of all your experiences, not just your emotions, but how you are perceived by others and how you see the world is what makes you who you are and that will always be with you.

Now, depending on your level of wisdom, degree of evolution and yearning for growth, you will shed certain experiences that you consider not helpful to your growth and adapt new ones that you think will be beneficial.

 Rumi’s most famous quote in English is his promise to take you to a place that is beyond right and wrong. That’s because Rumi was aware then that the universe does not judge you. The universe is in fact morally neutral. This does not negate consciousness, but simply states that the universe does not take sides between light and dark (as it is so painfully obvious just observing human behavior on our own planet). Think of the universal energy as a mother who supports all her children equally regardless of their behavior or positive and negative impact on humanity.

Your perception of what you call reality is projected by your mind. What you consider helpful or not helpful to your own growth will certainly change as you evolve. Most of us are victims of childhood programming, a sort of mind control that carries itself well into our adulthood. In fact this method of programming is so powerful, that the vast majority of people are never able to out grow it. Lifetime after lifetime, they get stuck into a perpetual play of believing the same control words and beliefs.

There are generally two types of souls, those who think and feel their way through life, and those who follow what they are told. Since you are reading my progressive articles chances are that you are part of the former. Even if you don’t consider yourself very progressive, at the very least you have a curious spirit and are open to my attempts at shaking your belief system. So, for those of you who are new to this type of spiritual growth thinking, pad yourself on the back for staying on. The future is bright.

Originally published at medium.com


  • Shahram Shiva

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator of Rumi. He is teacher of advanced spirituality and ascension.

    Shahram Shiva is an author, writer, poet, recording artist and award-winning translator and scholar of Rumi.

    He is the founder of Rumi Network and one of the original translators and popularizers of Rumi. Shahram Shiva's Rumi interpretations are quoted and referred to in about 300 books in English and other languages.

    He is a teacher of advanced spirituality (aka ascension). He is known for rich and entrancing concerts and performances, captivating talks and powerful experiential workshops.

    Shahram Shiva's teachings are on the future of spirituality, consciousness expansion, vision manifestation, enlightenment, ascension and self-realization.

    Shahram Shiva's newest books are 12 Secret Laws of Self-Realization and Rumi's Untold Story. His last album to date is Love Evolve.