Want to go to yoga? Namaste right here.

The very first time I joined a yoga session it was a complete failure.  Wobbling on one leg at the back of the class, I didn’t feel peace or calm. I felt frustration and annoyance because I couldn’t do the poses with ease and grace like everyone else in the room.

I was NOT graceful and muttered mild profanity under my breath with each exhale.

Any benefit coming from contorting my body into the shape of a downward dog, a crow, an eagle, or any other impossible animal shape was completely lost on me.

Disgruntled, I abandoned the class halfway through and didn’t try yoga again for another 2 years.

Two. Years.

Of course, I’ve since let go of my terrible attitude towards failing at something the first time and have rejoined the yoga community.  I’m a completely different person today than I was before I introduced this . . . sport?…  and habit into my weekly to-do’s.

Now I can’t function without honoring a regular practice that helps me find inner calm and experience emotional release following an hour of flow.

And I’m bendier now.

But I’m not here to chat with you about all things Namaste.

I want to drive home the point that you can believe and think and act in one way that limits you (such as hating yoga and refusing to try again), to one day deciding to completely change your thinking.

One day, you simply choose to introduce new habits into your day-to-day and give your life an upgrade.

Everybody loves upgrades.

Upgrades are what happens when you create habits with intention. You become a better version of yourself.

This is true about everything.  Absolutely everything.

I’m going to pitch you on the sessions in my Coaching and Mentoring Program now, and this is why: they work.

  • They work if you want to lose weight and live in healthier ways.
  • They work if you want to get promoted at your job or find a new job.
  • They work if you want to have better relationships.
  • They work if you want to strengthen your resolve and align with your personal values so you spend your time and energy on the things you really love.
  • They work if you want to quiet inner thoughts that send you into a tailspin and think with clarity of direction and purpose.

If you can implement the strategies from the Coaching & Mentoring Program as part of who you are, your life will get exponentially better. One week at a time, we focus on what thoughts and patterns of behavior you need to introduce and practice.  This will change your life.

How? Because mapping out and applying these mental and mindful tools help you ante up your self-worth, teach you how to handle overwhelm and anxiety, will rekindle your passion in life, and show you how to create more meaning and joy. Step by step, these mindful habits will turn you into a completely different person.

When you realize you need to do something different, you don’t have to stand in the back of the room all on your own, wobbly, frustrated, and unleashing non-yogi profanity in your head. (Maybe on occasion).

You can learn to successfully form a habit that changes your behavior patterns. With practice, the habits are no longer something you do but become part of who you are.

And it starts to feel really good.

The real question is: What do you really want — a life of people-pleasing and struggling to meet all your commitments and going through mundane motions that no longer inspire you?

Or do you want a life of success in the few areas that truly matter to you? The little day-to-day things you do matter.   Like loose change, they add up to something of greater value.

Here’s what I want you to do: 

Think of one habit you want to form today that you know will help pivot your life in a new direction.

Maybe it’s not yoga.  I hear ya.  But think of one thing you can start to do each week that will build, strengthen, and shape you into being the kind of person you know can be.

Journaling.  Hitting the gym.  Writing practice. Reading. Making lunch plans with someone who inspires you.

Do what works for you, but intentionally plan to do just one thing you know will serve you, and stick with it.

Want to explore this further?

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~ Christy

Christy Nichols, Professional Development Facilitator | Leadership Training Expert | Purposeful Travel Advocate | CEO at Venture Within
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