Do not let your full-time job snatch away your ‘me time’ from yourself. The following article has some tips and yoga exercises that you can practice while being at work.

Practicing yoga is the best rejuvenation therapy for yoga practitioners. Since most of the time you have to work full-time, it drains you completely. It blocks the nerves and builds stress as well as anxiety in the mind. It develops tension in the muscles and makes you feel tiresome. Such physical and mental fatigue compels you to skip yoga practice and you end up wrecking yourself.

If you suffer from the same, the following article will escort you to a few tips and yoga exercises that you can practice while sitting on a chair or doing your chores at work.

The below-mentioned tips will help you use yoga while working full-time:

  • Develop a habit of yogic breathing: If you can’t practice hardcore and intense yoga poses don’t mean that you can’t practice yoga at all. Always remember what you learned in the early years of practice. Yes, yogic breathing can help you escape the stress and tension in the office. It calms the mind and body and relieves stress and anxiety, promotes complete breathing, increases oxygen intake by the lungs, discharges muscular tension, etc.
  • Find space to stretch out: Stretching increases blood flow, heal as well as prevents back pain, boost your physical performance as well as a range of motion. Hence, it is another way to incorporate yoga while at work. Look for spaces in your office where you can stretch yourself out. For instance, practice mountain pose next to the coffee vending machine, tree pose near a table, etc.

A few yoga poses to practice at work that gained popularity through yoga retreat in India as well as yoga courses in India:

  • Seated chest life: For this exercise, sit on the edge of the chair. Keep your feet flat on the ground and your hands at the back of the chair. Inhale and lift your chest. Make sure your hands are also straightened. Exhale and release your body as well as the hands. Practice this exercise 5 times and you will feel oxygen running in your veins and will increase your focus.
  • Hip-hugger: Sitting in the office the entire time, affects your lower body. Practicing this exercise will target your glutes, hips and lower back and benefit them. Keep your right foot flat on the ground and cross your left ankle over the right leg. You may hold your ankle with your right hand to help it stabilize. Gently, bend forward over your legs while keeping the back straight. Try to stay in this pose for 3 to 5 breaths and then, repeat it with the other leg. To reduce weight from the lower body, join yoga teacher training in India.
  • Neck-opener: Eyes glued to computer screen often leads to tension in the neck and shoulders. This exercise will help you cure the same. Sit on the edge of the chair with a straight back and flat feet. Lift your left arm above the head and let it rest behind your back. Move your right hand behind the back and try to grab the left wrist. Rotate your neck slowly and gently towards the right, back, up, forward and finally, down. Hold it for at least 30 seconds and repeat it with the left side.
  • Skyscraper: An energy booster is a must in the mid-afternoon for your shoulders, triceps, and chest. Therefore, while sitting on the chair clasp your hands in front and interlock your fingers. Raise your arms straight above the head and make sure your palms face the ceiling. Lightly, bend towards the left and hold for 3 breaths. Come back to the initial position and repeat the same on the right side.

For such more yoga exercises, book yoga teacher training in India. If you are restricted on holidays, plan for a yoga school in India.