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Even as a child I was fascinated by the magic and peculiar atmosphere of the forest – And shocked by the human handling of this. Everyone knows that the rainforests are cut down, but in the research for a Yoga wiki article I was interested in the progression. How much awareness have industry and people gained over the past 20 years? And how natural are the forests that are left to us anyway?

The forest

As the largest influencer and stabilizer of the world’s climate after the oceans, the most important oxygen producer in addition to sea algae, as the only relevant carbon dioxide sink, cleaning system for water and air, erosion protection and home for by far the largest biodiversity of our planet … The forest system is already so immeasurable on an ecological level relevant that it is indispensable for the preservation of our world. But as part of our God given habitat and given the original mass of earth-bound forest girdles, I am convinced of the equally massive impact of a healthy, authentic ecosystem on mind and energy field. This is underlined by recent research that shows how complex the communication and symbiosis of the forest really is.

How the forest communicates

Communication networks are forest-spanning through root systems, fungus mycelium and messenger substances and connect many square kilometers as a brain-like network. Trees not only protect their offspring and provide them with nutrients, but also the weakest links in the chain and synchronize with them in nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. Mushroom organisms get sugar for the provision of your information network. They warn each other over miles of predators, toxins and potential threats. And they change their bioelectrical potential depending on the time of day, moon phase and living beings nearby. Trees even change their growth potential depending on the quantity, quality and diversity of bird sounds in their environment. However, all of this only works smoothly in real, natural forests.

The legend of the forest

Well, it’s always nice when an article ends with good news or hope. But just as I wondered as a child, why we do not do it better, so now I have to ask myself – knowing that my hypothetical children and children’s children will probably never see either gorilla, rhino or tiger – whether my great-grandchildren will know an intact forest only as a fairytale. Like the ancient oak forests that I know only from legends. In this sense: On a constantly growing awareness, energizing walks in saturated forest air and an appreciation for the wonderful variety of ecosystems.


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