I just did these this afternoon. What a pleasure to be outside and practice together with the most fun yoga poses! Try these today. I’m sure your kids will love it. Believe me, they can become experts quickly and can teach your parents in one of your family parties!

Yoga for kid pose #1: The palm tree

The palm tree: Stretch and tone up the body, bring concentration and balance

Yoga for kid pose #2: The warrior

The warrior: Reinforce the muscles of arms, thigh, and abdominals, increase endurance

Yoga for kid pose #3: The triangle

The triangle: Effect a lateral stretch of the Colonne and stretch legs

Yoga for kid pose #4: The chair

The chair: Tone up leg muscles, reinforce the ankles, correct the flatfeet, stimulate balance and stretch the Colonne

Yoga for kid pose #5: The powerful angle

Powerful angle: bring tone and energy

Yoga for kid pose #6: The tree

The tree: bring balance, concentration, and calm

Yoga for kid pose #7: The stork

The stork: Stretch the back, relax, avoid constipation, favorize blood circulation towards the head

Yoga for kid pose #8: The archer

The Archer: Work on a complete torsion of the Colonne, stimulate concentration

Yoga for kid pose #9: The dancer

The dancer: reinforce the back, open rib cage and increase balance

Yoga for kid pose #10: The elephant

The elephant: Stretch legs, enhance concentration and coordination in movement

Yoga for kid pose #11: The Eagle

The Eagle: Support circulation, stretch and strengthen arms and legs

Yoga for kid pose #12: The crescent moon

The crescent moon: stretch legs, open rib cage, soften back

So here we go, the 12 yoga poses for kids to make the most of fun in a sunny afternoon! Will you remember all of them? Enjoy!

  1. The palm tree
  2. The warrior
  3. The triangle
  4. The chair
  5. The powerful angle
  6. The tree
  7. The stork
  8. The archer
  9. The dancer
  10. The elephant
  11. The Eagle
  12. The crescent moon

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