Have you ever gone insane? The definition of insanity is, of course, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. So by this definition, have you ever gone insane? Or even maybe dipped your toe in the water of insanity?

I went insane once (more than once), but recently so, and it wasn’t until I talked to myself aloud, alone in my car that I realized I needed to make some changes.

I started by changing little things- the time I woke up, the books I was reading, the number of minutes I spent staring at screens- until all of the little things added up to big things, and I think that’s all change really ever is.


I think we could all use a change of routine. After all, we are not here for routines. Dolphins and monkeys can carry out routines.

We are humans, capable of extraordinary things. Why are we settling — searching even — for routines?

Change the radio station. 
Go for a walk instead of falling into another episode on Netflix. 
Cook dinner (and enjoy it) instead of eating out. 
Make a phone call instead of sending a text. 
Rearrange the furniture. 
Open the windows. 
Don’t watch the news in the morning. 
Take a drive to see the sunset. 
Sleep on the other side of the bed. 
Get up at the first alarm instead of snoozing it. 
Paint your nails lime green. 
Take a different route to work.

Do. Something.

And do it differently.

Otherwise, you will continue to see the world through the same eyes with the same stories and the same expectations, day after day after day. And you will inevitably end up wondering, like me, why nothing spectacular is happening. And you will go insane.

You are not a dolphin. You are not a monkey. You are a human.

You are a human.

You are a human.

How magnificent. How remarkable. How not routine.

Originally published at fityourself.club on April 6, 2017.

Originally published at medium.com