We all fall down from time to time.

I have anger, frustration, and pain surface periodically.

None of us are perfect.

When you reflect and realize that your behavior, actions, or decisions have been imperfect…

Forgive yourself.

Move forward.

Gain awareness.


Make adjustments and reset your vision.

You are allowed to fall.

We all do.

Folks who openly criticize others fall more than the ones they criticize.

Their judgment is never about you. It’s their diversion from their own pain.

Move forward.

There are rich people and poor people.

There are addicts and clean and sober people.

There are openly emotional and visibly stable people.

There are highly educated and less educated people.

There are convicts and free people.

We are all the same.

Equal footing.

No one is good, no one is bad.

We are all equals.

Every single one of us is doing the very best we can with our current level of awareness – with what we have to work with right now.


Some see today and the path forward clearer than others…

But we are all equals.

We all fall from time to time.

When we choose to get back up and try again, that is success.

There is no good.

There is no bad.

Just equals living the very best life possible.


From mentors and philosophy, I have learned a valuable lesson that has helped me tremendously.

You can know the path forward.

You can reflect on the past with perfect clarity.

You can have the clearest goals possible.

You can be the most educated of scholars.

None of it matters if your very next step – your very next breath – does not move you forward.

Mind your step, mind your breath.

And if your next step, your next breath, moves you forward…

And the next…

And the next…

You will begin to feel relief.

Mind your step, mind your breath.

You will fall.

Forgive yourself.

Mind your step, mind your breath.

You will move forward.

Reward yourself.

Mind your step, mind your breath.

Nothing else matters but now.

Create the very best now.

Become self-aware.

Mind your step, mind your breath.

Move forward with the next…

And your life will unfold miraculously.