“I am just a small company.”

“I just sell my crafts in a small Etsy shop.”

“Who would care what I have to say?”

“Why would they want to feature me?”

These all things I have heard out of the mouths of my students and clients as I was coaching and guiding them to earning media mentions and coverage. It is why as part of my coaching and course programs I always start by addressing the fears and doubts people have when it comes to getting more visible and amplifying their brands, especially when it comes to media.

Here is the thing, those statements are not true. You are not JUST anything. You do have something to share because you have unique experiences when it comes to your life and your business. There is that old say, there is only one of you!

In my years of working in the media as a television news producer and radio news editor, I have interviewed people from all walks of life. What I have come to learn is that everyone has an interesting story to tell. There is always value in learning from others. You know what else I have realized? People love to help people and people love to learn about interesting stories, tips to help them live better, happier and healthier lives.

1. Stop Using The Word JUST!

Words matter! Using the word just can make it seem like you are diminishing your accomplishments or softening your skills or can make you look or feel small. Not using the word JUST is a small mindset shift that can have a big impact on how you feel and how you present yourself to the world!

You aren’t just anything. You are a small business owner. You are a blogger. You are an Etsy shop owner. You are an entrepreneur. Don’t use the word just to describe anything about your life!

2.  Everyone has expertise

This is all about shifting your mindset a little bit. When you can see yourself and the value you bring to the table from the perspective of expertise rather than being THE (yes, I used capitals here) expert you can cast aside the fear of not having enough to say or having to know everything about your niche or industry. When you think of yourself as THE expert you feel like you have to have all the answers. Or on the flip side of that, you fear people will think you are a fraud because you don’t have all the answers and you struggle with that pesky imposter syndrome.

Reframe your mindset. 

You have expertise in a lot of areas of your life that you can share. Maybe you have expertise as a parent who runs a small business? Or maybe you have expertise in overcoming failures (don’t we all!)? Maybe you are a runner and have expertise in how you use that to destress?

Think expertise over being the expert.

3. Everyone has a story to share

This is true. Everyone does have a story to share that could help someone else live a better, happier, or healthier life. Go back to that list of expertise to see the stories you could share. Think about how your experience and expertise could help someone else.

One story that could help some else is sharing your why. 

Why do you do what you do? Why did you start your business, brand or organization? You don’t have to look too hard to find a story in your life that could motivate or inspire others.

You are enough!

So silence that inner doubt. 

Cast off the fear. 

Step into your uniqueness. 

Share your expertise! 


  • Christy A Laverty

    Media Coach & PR Strategist | Entrepreneur

    I am a firm believer in the power of the media and the power of entrepreneurs. I want to see more people sharing their message with the world to enlighten, educate, and entertain. I work with entrepreneurs to help them get visible, amplify their brand by earning media mentions, press, and publicity. www.ChristyALaverty.com