Imagine the personality whom you rely on most, who is ideal to you. You want to know more about that person and his life journey but what disappointed you was that the biography was written by a person who was wearing a negative attitude when writing that biography or when he hasn’t lived that character truly in his life.

Finally, that personality realized that biography was not that much affected so he committed to publishing one autobiography that became a bestseller of that era.

The same thing happens in our life repeatedly.

Just imagine the Reality when the opinions of people around us matter a lot to us. When we seek validation of people for every little and big choice. When we most believe in the outdated perceptions of people around us who open our past to define us and think, behave, and react accordingly.

While our inner voice agrees that Our past is here to guide us not define us. Then why should we doubt on self-based on other’s views? 

The method to get rid of this is: Self-Awareness (Atmagyan)

When we will know ourselves that will ignite the light to show us the right path. We keep struggling throughout our whole life just because of our lack of consciousness. 

Even sometimes we also participate in the character of that unaware person who wastes his time and energy in trying to write the various biographies. This means he also tries to put labels on other individuals as he was labeled. This is a serious illness.

Self-Awareness is when we don’t get defined by what others say about us and we believe in ourselves. That point where the labels that have been put on you don’t define you anymore and you live on your own terms.

There are some attitude lenses that you can adjust in your eyes as per the need of situations.

  1. If someone defines you, it’s not your true reflection. It’s a reflection of their understanding of you.
  2. If someone defines any situation or task to you, it’s their reflection of their own capabilities, not yours.
  3. Person with whom you spent more time than anyone else is You so rethink before define and confine yourself.