Do you know of people who you would say have settled? Have you settled?

Settled in a relationship. Settled in a job. Settled with your weight. Settled in your education. Settled with debts.

Settling is not a good thing.

Doing so is denying yourself the opportunity to experience life as it was meant to be–one of fulfillment, freedom, happiness, etc. You know you’re settling when you are not experiencing these.

What if you were meant for more? What if you were the one holding yourself back? What if you didn’t have to remain this way?

Imagine a life where you were living the way you are longing for. What would that look like? What would you be doing differently? What if you could have that life? Do you believe you still can have it?

What if I told you, you could still have it, would you believe me?

Okay. Enough with questions.

I believe you can have it if you want it bad enough. You have to begin by believing you were created for more. If this was not true, you would not have that desire you now have.

What has happened is that you have been burned in the past and you are fearful to try again. You are tired of trying and not seeing much result. You have listened to the wrong voices. People around you have themselves settled so you find it easier to tell yourself it’s okay. Others have told you that you can’t and you have believed them.

But who are you believing? How is “IT” working for those people?

Based on society’s message, I should have settled for my education and be happy that I had a 4-year degree. The message was, “Kingsley, you are the first one among your siblings to have done so. Be happy with that. And don’t forget: You. Are. Too. Old!”

If I had listened to those voices out there, I would not have my Masters Degree graduating Cum Laude a few years ago. “They,” said, whoever “they” are, I was too old. I was in my mid-40s at the time. And you cannot afford it. The latter was more me than them. 

What if I had listened to “THEM?” Thank God I didn’t. I would have settled.

If I had settled I would not have my Masters Degree, taught at a University, started my own practice, written books, spoken on nations and international stages, and the list goes on.

What are you settling for and holding yourself from?

Stop believing the lies of the haters. Stop listening to those who are going nowhere and want you to go there with them. Stop listening to yourself.

I know this is easier said than done. But I am proof it can be done.

I know what it was like to be where you are. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I knew what I didn’t know.

What changed for me?

My beliefs.

Surrounding myself with people who were doing what I wanted to do, reading books that inspired me, attending conferences, hiring coaches, and being a part of mastermind groups, all made a difference.

I felt I too could do it and didn’t have to settle anymore.

I also had people who believed in me and became my biggest cheerleaders and still are today. Some of these people came from new relationships I formed.

You too can experience what I’m experiencing. You don’t have to settle anymore.

Okay. You are now sold on this but don’t know where to start. This is where I come in. I’ve been where you are and want to help you get to where you want.

As a Personal Development Coach, I can help you figure out your next first step. One that is not too much of a stretch or outside your reach.

The key is to paint your future and then to do reverse engineering to see where we could start that would give you a solid chance for success. You don’t need one more failure.

Connect with me today and let’s start this journey of getting you out of settling.