The world has done a really good job of convincing girls who they are, what they should do (and shouldn’t), who they should be (and shouldn’t) in order to be worthy. And we believed it. 

But not anymore.

Girls everywhere are deciding and declaring to the world that they are more. More than the size of their body, the things that have happened to them, the mistakes they have made. More than the stereotypes, the judgment, the comments. More than their anxiety, their depression, their diagnosis. More than all of it.

And the good news?

That more is defined by YOU.

Here’s the thing:

For way too long we’ve given away our power. Not always by choice, sometimes by necessity, but we have. We’ve given our power away every single time we suppressed who we really are, what we really want, what we really desire, who we really love, where we really want to be. We’ve given away our power every time we’ve stayed in a box we don’t fit into.

Now is the time to change that.

There is no denying that there is an immense amount of girl power going on in our world right now.

Women and girls rising up, together, resisting, empowering, changing.

This is the massive shift we need.

A shift towards self-acceptance and realizing that we are enough exactly as we are without changing a single thing.

Individually and collectively.

We’ve got this.

Here’s what you can do NOW:

1. Take a look at what’s weighing you down.

There’s no magic way to do this. You’ve just got to take a good hard look (I know, scary, but trust me on this one) at what has control over you. Where in your life do you feel stuck, forced, fake, uncomfortable? What has happened in your past that you’re clinging on to? What have others told you about who you are that keeps coming back to haunt you? What do you want to let go of? Write it all down. There is juiciness in seeing it all on paper.

2. Re-write your story.

Once you’ve figured out what’s been weighing you down (btw this isn’t a one time deal, you’ll have to keep doing this and it may take some time) it’s time to re-write your story. Literally and figuratively. LITERALLY, take a look at what’s been weighing you down. What have you let define you? What are you more than? Where have you been feeling less than? RE-WRITE. Get out a piece of paper. Who are you REALLY? What are you REALLY? Underneath all of the stuff people told you about who you are, underneath the heartbreak, the stereotypes, the comments, their judgments, is you. Get back to that. And then lead with THAT person. Trust THAT person. Constantly re-writing when the old stuff comes back up (because it will) and moving forward knowing that you’ve got this.

3. Decide and declare.

Decide that you are more. Declare that you are more. Act as if you are more. Your worth is dependant on absolutely nothing. You are worthy because you are alive. You are enough exactly as you are. The more of us there are deciding and declaring it, the easier it will be for our girls. And what more can we really ask for?

With Kindness,

Stephanie Dawn Elizabeth