many of psychological behavior observers have suggested that people develop socially unstable or have psychological disorders because of lack of self-esteem. Self-esteem is when people feels positive about themselves. Even though self-esteem is not the same as self-confidence which is more of a believe than s feeling.

there are two types of self-esteem that is trait- self-esteem and state-self-esteem. trait self-esteem is all about how you generally feel about yourself or on average.  while state self-esteem is how you feel about yourself of a particular moment in time. keeping in mind that self-esteem, fluctuates as time goes by.

People with low self-esteem are associated with undesirable behaviors and emotions and vice versa for high self-esteem. Studies also show that persons with high self-esteem have happy life and are not easily stressed/depressed or get anxious or get worried. They also do well in their jobs and are better educated and tend to make more money and that’s a good thing but also I tend to believe that there are also people with low self-esteem making a lot of money.

I myself have low self-esteem but am taking baby steps in building it and I am an introvert, over thinker, insecure and sometime way in over my head such that I lose touch with humanity (my actual self). I haven’t accepted some things about my life yet like for example, I haven’t fully accepted that I stutter and be comfortable with it. Because that’s who I am NO!!!! but instead am choosing to say that I can change it for a very long time, and technically I can’t change it, it’s just who I am, it’s what defines me as Jared. And I think it’s time I accepted that. That I can’t change it but rather accept it and move on coz that’s the only way I will be satisfied with life and be happy because, no one can contribute to my happiness and fulfillment in life until I make the first step.

Caring how people think about you is actually a normal, natural and adaptive human motive to pay attention to one’s public image and selectively choose and present images that helps you achieve your goals and too much of this can cause social anxiety and be also hazardous to your health. So even if we care, we shouldn’t care what people will say or think about us. Because they will always talk, they will never stop so who are we to stop doing you? Why should we be embarrassed with our unpleasant selves? Or try and hide them because we want to preserve our image? Let’s embrace ourselves fully no matter our many flaws. Always remember there are people who will love you with your many many flaws. I mean no one is perfect!!! Right?? So why be ashamed of yourself or your flaws?

Accept that you are what you are and do something about it. Through accepting you have made a first important step towards your true self, don’t hide behind the curtains. Just say I accept!!! And you’ll see. Accept!!  that you have low self-esteem and that not all the time you feel positive about yourself coz guess what!! Other people feel that too. You are never aloneee!!  After accepting just take baby steps towards building your self-esteem and you’ll see the results.

my argument is that People who feel inadequately accepted by other people experience a number of negative emotions that is anger, anxiety, sadness, jealous of what other people have(relationships) and shame. People who feel rejected naturally experience negative emotions, and this makes them to have lower self-esteem. Therefore, low self-esteem is related to certain negative emotions and not because self-esteem causes the emotions.

A person with a psychological disorder often has low self-esteem because others distance themselves from them and trying to increase self-esteem without focusing on our social acceptability won’t help. If we want to tackle the problems that are associated with low self-esteem? Then we need to focus on the quality of our social lives and the degree to which we have adequate, supportive social/personal relationships rather than just trying to change our  self-esteem.