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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything when you feel you are not well ,under the weather or just outright sick.

It’s easy to become all consumed with the sickness as it fills your head and your thoughts.Suddenly all life focus has become centred around the sickness ,every conversation,every activity, everything you do,suddenly you are not your own identity anymore the sickness is your new identity as everyone refers to you as that , Lisa she’s got cancer, harry’s got a broken leg, Michaels got hay fever ! but sickness is fleeting and passing through us for most cases even the long-term illnesses can have miricle turnarounds and sudden healings take place.

Illness can be a part of us ,part of our world but don’t make it all of it ,all of you ,you were a whole person before this happened and your still a whole person.

Our bodies have an enormous capacity to heal themselves just think of all the times you have heard of people maybe your own grandparents who passed through flu,colds,German measles, mumps,chicken pox and other childhood diseases without medicine or vaccines.

The human vessel is designed to heal itself think about all the woman who have had babies and the tremendous strain on all of the system but the body restores itself and readjusts after major illness or big body breaks often athlete’s that are told they will not walk push themselves to run, this is our resilience and our power to make it through and out the other side triumphant.

Passion pushes us on .It wills us to be reborn anew,to not surrender to the moment but know that it is a moment passing by. Grace and peace and self love can be the biggest healing we can offer ourselves.Seek to be the best within it but not let it take the best out of you.

Yes we must adapt, yes we reschedule, rest more, prioritize our ways of being and doing , it’s always a reshuffle, life she can blow a new wind into your life in any given moment but you’ve been through many moments before the beauty is your already way ahead and heads up in the game.

Your hearts been broken more than once but it heals and we grow and we go on, if we can heal a broken heart and allow it to carry us into new beginnings then I figure we can pretty much get through everything else with the same stamina and courage to overcome the pain and traumas that are a part of our existence.

Research but know your own body ,trust and believe in your own inner power to heal and whilst you are awake and breathing get busy just carrying on with the art of truly living.

All love cheaya


you can do it !!!!