We are living in a time where social media is our reality; and real life has become this inconspicuous idea merely in the backdrop.As millionals we have been coined as, “The Microwave Generation.” With everything at our fingertips -just one click or swipe on our smartphones we can make a purchase and receive  at our doorstep within hours, or the very next day at the latest. As remarkable as this is, the side effect being the affect it’s had on this generation which is far more reclusive when compared to its predecessors.

Our time is well spent scrolling through our phones having a front row seat into the glimmering life of others. With such exposure creates expectation, and expectation becomes the basis from which we consider success in our very own lives. This has created a dangerous culture of comparison. 

Have we stop to question the standard of the imagery we are living up to? Images (content) has become the actual. From the images we are exposed to daily, the amount of content being paraded in front of us has made us question the legitimacy of our own lives which is the substantial.

You my love are right on track. You’re journey is uniquely designed with you in mind!

 Questions lead to doubt, doubt leads to fear…and fear leads to suffering. We then feel our life is not on track. Well I am here to say, you my love are right on track. You’re journey is uniquely designed with you in mind!

Let me ease your mind by assuring you, you have time. Time is a concept that we can bend and fold at our will. We can define a reality that fits our lives specifically if we are considerate to the needed adjustments required in our default settings- this is how we perceive things in our mind.

Your journey, your path is unique to you circumstances. We can place unwarranted pressure on ourselves to achieve greatness and/or success. We are the generation where being considered successful means a more fulfilling life and all our problems go away. Our idea of success is skewed due to the times we live in, the ideas we are subject to.

So where does one regain consciousness and understand their journey? How do we stop comparing our lives to those we follow on social media? How do we get passed the idea that the more likes we have the more accepted we are by society?  That my friends would be a term called self-realization.

Self Realization

I hope I can enlighten you and bring you to this place of realization, self-realization that is. It often occurs as a disruption in your current belief system, which  seemingly goes against anything you ever believed in. It challenges you to expand your mind. Recently I’ve had my own disruption in the way I view my life. The discussions we have in between our ears .. in our minds can be the most detrimental. What we tell ourselves is what we believe to be true. Also, many years ago I learned to NOT compare my life to those around me, friends, family, social media personalities… I promised myself to stay true to who I was and not lose sight of that. I know, that’s extremely difficult living in a world where we are constantly challenged to question who we are through images, quotes, other people’s perception and ideals, and so forth.

Do not make your miseries your memory

Most of us view failure as a bad thing. However, failure if perceived correctly is far from that. Failure means you tried. Those who do not experience failure in some form or another do not take the risk you take. Life will redirect you path often, in the moment when it appears you’ve failed, in actuality, you’ve just been granted access to the next level of greatness. Failure is your growth. 

I had a dear friend who has never traveled outside of the comfort of America. I love my country, although I’ve resided in Europe for quite sometime now, I am reminded of how truly fortunate I am. After a healthy and much needed discussion with this friend… I am going on and on about how stressed I am , and how I felt like such a failure because something didn’t go as planned in my life. I will never forget her soul awakening response. She said, “ You need to wake up! Do you realize where you live and what you’ve done? You are in europe, you’re young, single, no obligations.. and not to mention, the world is your oyster.” She went on to say, “ Sure you will experience setbacks…that’s life, but at least your traveling the world, experiencing different cultures. You are fortunate to call this type of life you norm”. She then said, “Make sure you do not forget to count your blessings, do not make your miseries your memory during this amazing life adventure.” I mean… that did it for me. Who had I become to be so ungrateful for the many blessings literally slapping me in the face? 

From that point forward, I learn to accept life’s outcomes, knowing that I am on my own unique path … and this very path is leading me somewhere. As long as you are breathing, you still have purpose. What does that truly mean? You are not finished yet evolving and creating. Stop and smell the roses, take in the air, let it all sink in….

You are on track- similarly to my journey; you are relentless, you preserve even at the face of catastrophic adversities. Whatever your journey, make sure you enjoy it and you are not too far focused on the destination. Life is about the journey, remember that.
You are on track, just be.