When did the accepting smiles we received for being silly and funny, or quiet and shy as toddlers and young school kids turn into disdain for just being ourselves?  

I remember when I was in middle school, one of the “popular girls” made a comment about my laugh in front of the whole group, (my laugh is boisterous and full). With that one comment my laugh would be changed for nearly 25 years. I would hold back the laughter I had inside as to not be “SO loud”.  I was in my mid-30s before I realized I didn’t care what others thought about my laugh. It felt good to laugh out loud. I felt so stupid for even allowing someone to make me feel like I couldn’t laugh the way that came naturally to me. 

That was just the beginning; when I took my laugh back, I decided to take back the way I WANTED to dress, the way I WANTED to wear my hair.  I stopped trying to please those around me and started doing what made me happy.  I no longer cared what others thought of me, I wanted to be me.  I started taking chances and began to get to know myself and what I really wanted out of my life. It is when I stopped trying to fit in with the trend of the season, and I started doing what made me happy. No apologies!  With every choice I made for myself I started to feel a sense of relief, a sense of release. I will no longer apologize for being me! 

Stop apologizing for being you!

You are you!  You are special and unique and you are supposed to celebrate you. You have gifts and skills others don’t, this is the reason you are here. 

What is the world missing out on because you are trying to be like everyone else?  

Words of Affirmation

I am celebrating my uniqueness.

Motivational Quote

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” -Lalah Deliah 

Written by: Dayna Mohan