You don’t have to be the same person you were yesterday, last week, last month or last year. You don’t even have to be the same person your family always knew you as. You don’t have to fall into the same roles or the same behaviors just because you are around certain people. 

You are uniquely you. That is on purpose. You offer something to the world—even if you feel insignificant—that no one else offers. Not everyone is supposed to do great things, be famous or have books written about them. Maybe your great thing is making those you come into contact with feel like you care. Maybe it is to provide a home for someone whom otherwise wouldn’t have one. Maybe it is just to make others smile. There is a purpose for you, and a part of this rented time you have here on earth, you are supposed to develop, learn and evolve. 

Please, have experiences and change because of them. 

SO HONEY—It’s your story—feel free to hit’em with a plot twist at any moment!

written by: Dayna Mohan