being whole

In times of stress, despair, anxiety we can often feel like we are broken, that something is “wrong” with us, but what if you weren’t? What if there was nothing wrong? What if you were whole and that you had, throughout your life, simply taken on beliefs, ideals, feelings that weren’t yours to carry? What would that look like?

Would that change your view of the world and you? Would it stop you searching and allow you to simply BE? After all you were not born broken, as a newborn you were whole and complete, the world was just opening up to you and you were just discovering your place in it.

If you were to look at it through those eyes, as being whole, can you see where you might have veered off the path and not been able to get back on? If you can, thats a great sign because it means you can go back to being whole and there is so much softness, relaxation and kindness in that.

Also knowing this about your sisters, mother, friends, colleagues, knowing that they too are whole and perhaps dealing with things that they were given, not what they chose. In the world we live in today more kindness and compassion can never be enough, if its towards ourself or others – don’t you think?