What I’ve always liked about libraries is that although you only borrow the books, you get to keep the ideas.

This is why, one day I returned to a old habit of mine (of borrowing books) after about nine months of absence during my second year of faculty. I was thinking, when I was on my way in the tram, what does it mean after all “to have a sense of living” and what people should answer when being asked: “And what’s the meaning of your life?”

There is a close connection between what you think and what you attract

Funny thing, there is a close connection between what you think and what you attract. Despite how much we hide behind our finger. Otherwise, how is it that when we’re thinking negative, our situation becomes worse?

Something likewise happened to me during this year when I was influenced by… weather.

If it was raining outside with large drops of water, turbulent wind, cold temperatures, the same thing was mirroring inside me.

I was going out one day to relax and guess what: outside was pouring! Then, I’ve put my makeup on and while I was with one half-purple eye, the lights went off. “Great! Now my evening is ruined!” I said. Eventually I got the courage to get out of my house even more nervous because it was already the third consecutive, rainy day during that week.

But the umbrella was protecting me.

I’ve started thinking while I was walking in the rain…

”I have an unnecessary anxiety” .


Afterwards, I gathered myself and my umbrella and thank for my lesson. This umbrella of mine has gone through many storms and yet still stays strong even with the scars left from the past. The umbrella is not taken out on the sunny days, the good days… but in the bad ones.

What happens when our thinking becomes cloudy, windy and stormy?

In that moment is there something that can protect us?


The umbrella, the half full of our glass: our attitude, the way we approach the situation.

But let’s go back to the library now.

I was still thinking, what’s the point? Was the term “meaning” too general? Couldn’t it be a summation of a multitude of meanings? Is the true meaning, the purpose of life, in the present and not somewhere abstract, in the future, which we are constantly looking for, when it’s right in front of us?

And then….

With my hands looking for new, captivating and unknown titles, I found it.

Staying placed over a shelf of books. It was called “Man’s Search for Meaning” by Viktor E. Frankl. I had a question, and now I had in front of my eyes a possible answer.

What did that book reveal to me?

You will find the answer in a future post.

Choose what you attract

For now, take a look at what you are thinking about the situation you are in.

Do you attract what you are thinking?

Do you tend to see the half full or the one empty of your glass?

Our life is short, the storm will pass, the sun will shine again and then will realize we’ve wasted our energy on nothing.

So take the umbrella when you feel the storm is near.

Take the right attitude.

And remember…