Everything you think and say creates the life you have right now. If you think in a negative way long-term, you will create negative results. If you change your thoughts and think in a positive way, you can create positive results. It is true; your thoughts create your life. It does not matter if you think in a negative way or a positive way, you will get it. Think of it this way; when you think or say a thought, it goes out to the universe and comes back to you. The universe does not care if you think in a positive way or a negative way. It just comes back to you. This is why I tell everyone to think in a positive way.

The great thing about thoughts is we can change our thoughts. We can change the way we think. In these examples below, I will show you how to change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Remember you can do anything if you just think you can. Your thoughts are so much more powerful than anyone has ever told you.

Thinking in a negative way for a long time can make a person attract what they are thinking about. For example, let’s use a person who says, “I hate my life.” When a person says this over and over again, they will believe it to be true. Or a person might say, “I feel sad or depressed.” This will create feeling low or depressed in the person’s life. I try to get clients to understand that, even if you have been thinking in a negative way for a long time, you can change your thoughts to help create a new reality in your life. 

With this being said, this is not something you can change overnight. Changing our thinking and our thoughts is easy to do, but it takes time to change your reality. The reality is, if you have been doing anything for a long time, it will take time for you to change the behavior. Thoughts can be changed quickly, but you will still think in a negative way. This is because you have been thinking in a negative way for so long that it’s very natural. I want you to give yourself enough time to change your thoughts.

It will be different for everyone on how much time it will take to change your thoughts. For me, it took a little over a month to notice a difference in my thinking. When I was feeling low, I would automatically think in a negative way. When I would wake up, I would think to myself what a crappy day, and I feel depressed. When I changed my thinking to be more positive, it was not overnight. I had this shift. It took a month to see small changes. 

I am telling you this so, after a few weeks of you not noticing any difference in your life and your thinking, you won’t give up. Giving up is not an option. It takes time to change your life, and in the end, you will be a great, happy person because you did not give up.

Remember the affirmations above, “I hate my life” and “I feel sad or depressed” are examples of negative affirmations. These are just examples, but you have to change these negative affirmations to be more positive. I would say, “Yes, I feel happy and healthy” and “Yes, I love my life.” Can you see the difference? One is very negative, while the other affirmations are very positive. Saying these positive affirmations won’t change your life overnight. It might take a month or two to see little changes in your life. But you will see the changes and don’t give up. What I realized is people normally give up too quickly before they see any change. Or they give up when they see little changes because they want a big change. Don’t give up. Change happens, but it might be slow to start. Once you give up, you will basically have to start over. If you have been doing positive affirmations for a month and give up, it’s like you wasted a whole month of your life. You will then have to start over at day one. It’s very frustrating, I know, when you work at being positive and you see no results. You must keep going; you must not give up. Giving up is not an option. You can do anything in this world if you just think you can. 

Once you make the choice to be positive, keep being positive for the rest of your life. Once you make that commitment, you will be happy with your life; just never give up.

I always tell people, if you are depressed, please ask for help. Go see your doctor and get checked. Sometimes, our thoughts can make us depressed; other times, it’s something else. I know, if serotonin levels are low in a person’s brain, it can make a person depressed. It’s always a good idea to get checked. There is nothing in the world wrong with asking for help.

Originally published at www.tonypalermolifecoach.com