If you are not familiar with my work. I am a Habit Strategist. Something I love to do is make content practical. I take my favorite podcasts, books, speeches, articles, etc and I provide the habit I have implemented into my life post consumption.

This week we will be focusing on one of my favorite songs & one that most people are familiar with… Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Many people think this song is about love but it’s really about Nick Ashford’s goal of becoming a professional songwriter. No obstacle along the way was going to keep him from his purpose. 

“If your internal compass isn’t set to keep climbing, every stumble will give you an excuse to turn back around.” – Oprah

One of the most common things that I see holds people back from their goals is that they are interested and not truly committed. Negative Nancy #1 in habit formation

Based on the above you can implement this habit: 

  1. When you set a new goal ask yourself why 5 times
    1. Finding your why (2:13)
  2. After you’ve set your why, ask yourself… Am I committed? I am willing to do anything. OR am I interested? I want it if it comes easily.
  3. If you are interested, go back to step #1 and create a stronger why or toss out the goal and come back to it when you’re ready! 

Keep me updated on your progress! 

With gratitude,