Consequently, many have turned to the online sphere to see how they can pivot and do something different to earn a living. Some have succeeded, others have fallen short, but

undoubtedly most have realised that figuring things out all by themselves can be quite challenging.

The Struggle To Keep Going

Life has a way of throwing everything at you that makes it often seem like it is impossible to

achieve anything meaningful. You can face setback after setback and feel powerless to stop the seemingly endless tide dragging you under.

But it does not have to be that way. You can fight through the rubble of your broken dreams and

forge something new and hopeful, no matter how many times you get knocked down. I know this because I have lived it. My philosophy is that when life throws you lemonade, make lemons and sell it.

My early career was promising. I worked for the Nigerian Government and did some work in the food and fashion industries. Then my husband and I came into some money and decided to open a nursery and primary school, which is something we had always wanted to do.

We put all our efforts, time and money into the new venture and eventually succeeded in

getting fully registered and putting together an organization that was the envy of all those around. As soon as we opened our doors, international students who lived in our country enrolled. It was an amazing venture and we were really excited for the future.

However, after only 18 months, we had to shut down and refer the children to a different

institution. It was truly heart-breaking and all of a sudden we were dead broke. We lost everything we had, including our home.

Shortly after, we licked our wounds and I began to look at the different options to start an

online business. It went well, and I soon decided I would find it fulfilling to pass on what I had learned to others in the form of coaching.

You Have To Trust Yourself To Succeed

Many of the people who approach me for coaching are in need of something much more profound than practical business advice. They need to believe in themselves. They need to develop the confidence to show up exactly as they are and trust that their personality and authenticity will be enough to draw people in.

I used to worry if people would understand me, if they would like me, and if I could get them the results they wanted. So I did some formal training and got various certifications that confirmed I had the necessary skills. This gave me the confidence to go forward and just be myself. It also helped me to stay focused and shut out all the noise that seems to be everywhere – particularly on the internet.

Now that I believe in myself, everything happens much more naturally. I continually grow my business and help as many people as possible to achieve their ambitions.

No Challenge Is Insurmountable

One of the situations I have had to deal with in my career was particularly uncomfortable.

During an email exchange with someone I was taking a course with, that person informed me I needed to change my brand name because she had trademarked it.

My initial thought was that she would think I was a copycat of some sort and it really destabilized me. I immediately put my website on pause, got another domain name and completely rebranded myself. My business became more personalized as my legal name became my brand name. It is now a vital lesson I teach my own clients to trademark their brand name and logo to avoid the kind of ugly situation I had to deal with.

It was also difficult for me to operate as a global business while still living in a developing country. Generally speaking, people were afraid to trust my expertise and some even wondered if I was a scam. I had to put in a lot of extra work to build my credibility and trust between me and my clients.

However, I made it through these struggles unscathed, and I can honestly say that showing up in my own authentic way has caused me to grow and I am grateful for where I am.