monotonous life

Do you pick up and eat whatever life throws at you? Does submission to destiny define your monotonous life?

If you could sense any bit, let’s unlock the unsung reality.

Nobody knows what’s coming, but what worse than settling down with customary existence; as repetitive as a seconds’ ticker.

If your life ride is sans the three E’s- Exploration, Endurance, Expressiveness; you are an overplayed song on the radio.

I am sure we are dying to break the boring monotony of your mere apparent existence.

Let’s unlock the first step:


Life enthusiasts define life as an exploration journey. Have you ever introspected your life travel?

In case you don’t know:

You are responsible to explore two journeys:

  • The one is a reciprocation to the outside world
  • The other is the response to the inside world

This may sound like a boring topic of a lengthy lecture but trust me it’s all-important.

Your outside world comprises people and situations. And your inner sphere revolves around you as an individual regardless of anyone and anything external. 

Do you know what happens if you aren’t a curious explorer of your inner world?

People’s expectation overburdens you with obligations, which bows you down to a boring monotony.

I was a part of this sad story; I’m trying hard to write my individual script.  

Let me ask you a simple question good enough to make you realize the significance of inner-self exploration:

How do you start your day?

By getting out of the bed… right?

Wrong… there’s something you do prior to it. You open your beautiful eyes which simultaneously activates a certain level of consciousness of your mind. 

Subsequently, a primary thought of the morning takes a small stride to initiate your inner exploration.

Do you realize it? Because that’s the biggest problem:

Most of us are unaware our inside travel engine is leaking fuel.

How ironic:

The outside world concerns most of us; the pull of the inner world is seeking experience. The reason it is untouched by many is it does not have an apparent existence.

But what you don’t comprehend:

If you are a puppet to the outer world due to a lack of the inner world exploration- the monotony prevails… Why?

Because you didn’t explore your ability to break it! 

The best solution:

Liberate your inner world to take the call for your outer world. Never allow people and situations to dictate your monotonous life.

To reach that level of consciousness, you need to meditate. Just because you never meditated, it doesn’t mean you cannot.

Check out 8 meditation techniques for complete beginners…

And when you succeed in better exploration of your inner world, you define happiness your way. 

This is when you are ready to unveil the second E.


Wikipedia defines endurance as the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue.

Yes… it is all about continuing to move forward bearing hardships.

Do you endure?

If not, it’s a sensitive indicator you live a monotonous life.

Ever wondered who endures?

The one who explored the inner world beautifully to find a dream; the one who now has a goal and does not want to settle with life’s limited offerings.

An enduring individual is the one who found a purpose, and will never give up, come what may. In fact, they love the bumpers which others call inroads.

It’s not surprising why they love their fight. It’s because their fight is with themselves; not the outside world.

Yes, my friend, endurance is an ability everyone has, a handful use it.

Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.

-William Barclay 

How do you endure? 

Maybe you are the one who cannot figure out whether your battle is already on?

Don’t worry! just stimulate the first E. Yes, a conscious exploration enables you to find a motive worth enduring for.

Do nothing different… just dream big!

Set a goal and then, be passionate enough to endure.

Some people might call you stubborn; make sure you admire them.

Why? Only they got you right!

When you are blending the two E’s right; it’s time to unveil the final E missing in your monotonous life.


Your enduring exploration journey tests how you deal with the people and situations you encounter stepping out of your comfort zone.

Straight out:

You’ll not only meet beautiful souls. You’ll also find nasty people ready with a venomous bite.

The question is:

Do you allow them to run away injecting the venom inside you? Or you ready with a stronger dose which sedates their intensity?

It brings me straight to the point:

Do you flush out whatever you feel or you a diffused bomb which never explodes?

Expressing positivity is as easy as a pie but what tests your mettle is to disagree.  

And when an emasculate child who barely speaks can flush out whatever he/she dislikes; I am sure you are much more capable.

Learn the gentle art of saying no…

Ever introspected what non-expressiveness does to you?

It digs the first hole of your grave… literally.

You become an instrument people enjoy playing; not what you wish to sound.

And the monotony continues!

Dear friend…the social environment is a sharp nail striking hard; why do you bear till they hit the final nail in your coffin?

It’s never easy to break the nail but you can always bend it to minimize its intensity.

And for that, just express out whatever you feel, including negativity.

Doesn’t matter how hard people try to put you down; allow your integrity to do the talking.

Wondering how?

Don’t ask me… it’s within you.

How would I know your means of expression better than you?

I hope these healthy ways to express feelings help!

The bottom line:

If any of the three E’s is missing; your existence is just your illusion.

You have a bare apparent existence; is this what you call life?

Subtle adjustments are necessary, but making compromises everywhere is just unacceptable.

Question yourself and decode the lagging E to break the monotony of a routinary existence. Happy living!

This piece was originally published on Happy Realization