Emotional pain can become unbearable. It can be all-consuming, and when that happens, it’s easy to let the pain take over. We’ve all been there. 

If you are anything like me, emotional pain often comes out of nowhere, like a blind side.

What many people don’t know is that we can train our bodies and our minds to connect to inspiration when hurt, heartache, or any kind of upset strikes like lightning, which often leaves us hot, bothered, and rattled. 

So what is inspiration anyway?

To start, it’s a key ingredient to healing, and it’s a version of you that the world could use more of. It’s the best version of you

It’s the version of you that doesn’t need life to be different than it was or is now.

It’s the you that knows that possibility exists, and you are the catalyst to creating the possibility that you want for yourself. 

We want to follow those who are inspired. 

Those people who surrender into their pain have that right, but they aren’t as attractive to follow, are they? 

Yes, what I am saying is bold, and you know it’s true. 

3 Ways to Connect to Inspiration

Let your best be enough. Your best is enough; it truly is. And, sure, do better the next time. Be gentle with yourself, darling human. You have worked hard enough, pushed long enough, and worried long enough. Your pace is perfect. Quit trying to get “there.” When we think that we should be farther along than we are, or worse, when we beat ourselves up about where we are in our healing journey, we kill off inspiration and invite in pain. Let inspiration guide your next best choice and decision. When all else fails, surrender into focusing on something, anything that inspires you. Then, let that best be enough. 

Admit that you DO know what you want. My guess is that somewhere along the line, you got scared to ask for what you want. We all know what we want. It’s in there deep down, and then it’s easy to shut it down when the world seems to be unsupportive. You deserve to get what you want as long as you have pure intention and are not harming anyone. How can you get what you want if you won’t claim it? Go for it. Say what you want. Declare and own what you want, so that you can live inspired and have a shot at creating what you want. 

Hire a great coach. You deserve to have a great coach or mentor. While we can’t coach ourselves, great coaches are available to coach us into lives we love that are truly inspired. Allow your perfect coach to support you in breaking through pain, into the possibility of inspiration. The right coach can see what’s blocking inspiration and can help you see and connect to it, even in circumstances that seem uninspiring or maybe even impossible. 

Pain keeps us uninspired. You cannot be in pain and inspired at the same time.  

You cannot be consumed by pain and inspiration at the same time. 

What if nothing is wrong with you or with your life?

I don’t believe that you will ever find your true self if you continue to let yourself be run by pain.  

Instead you can live inspired and win in your life, regardless of circumstances. 

Instead of the pain winning, inspiration helps YOU win. 

And you deserve to win. 

Inspiration is what it takes to live fulfilled. 

Today you have the ability to choose who you’re going to be now: inspired.