I’m beginning to hear more and more stories about people losing their momentum on handling this pandemic. Workout regimes are waning, self-care practices are being replaced with limiting thoughts. A bit of depression is beginning to set in as summer vacations have been cancelled and life continues to carry on monotonously. A few weeks ago, we began to Make Sense of it All as we discovered that we are all experiencing some level of grief during this time. We are grieving the life we enjoyed before our daily routines, and the life that we loved, was brought to a halt.

This is where we begin to build our resiliency muscles.

We are in this for the long haul. We can choose to find misery in this situation or we can choose to find the blessings. I guarantee that you will find more of what you look for. So let’s begin a gratitude practice this week and watch how different your life looks 30 days from now. Let’s build a good habit by attaching your journaling to something else you do every single day. Would you like to place your journal next to your tooth brush or bedside table? Next to your coffeepot? Place your journal next to something you do every single day so you can begin to make this a powerful practice.

Be consistent. Journal every day. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, just write a few things down every day. Consistency is key here because as you begin to train your brain to find people or events to be grateful for while journaling, your brain will begin to seek out those events throughout the day. As your subconscious mind searches to find those events, you will begin to attract more grateful experiences towards you. Just like that, you begin to experience a happier life!

In addition to your daily gratitude gush, add a number 1-10 at the top right corner of the page that determines your state of mind and how you’re feeling about life that day.

1= hopeless

2= depressed

3= sad

4= angry

5= content

6= hopeful

7= peaceful

8= happy

9= excited

10= abundant, grateful, loving life

Or you can use an emotional measure that fits for you. Here is the Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale that is a longer list of emotions, if you like. Sometimes it’s hard to recognize when our life shifted or what in our day might have shifted us. Tracking your progress can help you to document your journey and begin to appreciate and be grateful for your gratitude practice itself. This will be a powerful shift for you and the first of many resiliency tools I will offer to strengthen you through this time.

Want to begin your practice in meditation first to prime your gratitude pump? Join me for this week’s meditation, You can’t feel grateful and awful at the same time. I can’t wait to hear about your progress and gratitude journal shifts. Be sure to join in the conversation on our Facebook page. This week, we will be covering how our sense of sound is affected by the pandemic on our Wednesday talk at 1:30pm and our sense of taste on Friday at 1:30pm. Be sure to pop in! I have loved all the conversation and great learning we have been doing together. I can’t wait to hear about your gratitude journals and how they are changing your days! Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at 1:30pm PST! Much love, Erin