17 magical thoughts to awaken your creativity

We all came from stardust.

Today will never happen again. You have to make it count!

Doing a creative task every single day, will increase your joy significantly.

Sacred geometry is universal art. Patterns are within everything.

Every Summer creates a beautiful story.

You can understand someone’s energy even before you meet them.

Animals are messengers for the spirit world.

There is no separation between anyone or anything.

You have intuition to keep you safe and happy.

Anything in your life, you can make sacred.

“You had the power all along me dear.” — Glinda the White Witch

Adding rituals to your life, makes your life more magical.

The moon cycles have more of an affect on you than you think. The world’s natural state revolves around the moon.

Everything is energy. Everything. This is why we are all connected.

You bring into your life what you focus on. Think wonderful thoughts.

Living with a magical mindset, makes life a lot more fun.

There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

Do you have another magical thought that you live by? Add it into the comments below!

Originally published at www.wildandcreative.com on June 13, 2016.