Feel Successful in Everything You do, Because Your Amazing!

What is Success?
It’s that feeling that you’re on top of the world, it’s that moment when you say “yes”! It’s when we feel successful in something we did. When we think about success, we think about many things, sometimes we think about friends, love, money, family, sports, simple things like watching our favorite movie or eating our favorite food. It’s getting up and trying again, it’s learning and failing, it’s finding personal meaning in your life. Success is feeling accomplished and inspiring others, success has no limits.

If I was to ask you “what’s your definition of success?” How many of you straight away think, money! Isn’t it interesting how our mind goes straight to “to be successful we must have a lot of money”? Says who? Some of us still only relate success to money and forget the other ways we can feel successful, the awesome ways! These ways are the most rewarding ways, they are the small wins we experience throughout the day, and most often these are the most valued. It’s going to bed early, drinking our favorite tea, catching up with our best friend, watching our kids smile, eating cake, winning the hockey game, making mistakes and learning from them, having integrity in who we are, trying something new or finding courage. There is no right or wrong way to feel successful. Success comes from our core values and beliefs, and the best part is, these are different for all of us.

Success is Different for All of Us

Here’s the thing, your definition of success may be different from others, and that’s ok! Too often we judge others and ourselves on the types of successes we have. Instead of judging ourselves and others, let’s shift our perspective and think how awesome each success is, let go of the judgement and see what happens. Each type of success is a success!

How to be Successful
How can you be successful? Isn’t that the question of the year?! No one can answer this other then you. Every person’s definition of success may be different. Think about what it means to you, ask your partner what it looks like for them and ask your kids. Do you notice anything in their answers and yours? I challenge you to think of all the areas you feel successful in. I bet you find that its not only one, there are many and they are all important.

Success Your Way
There is no manual to success, and success can change all the time for us. It’s challenging each other to feel successful in our own way, and acknowledging that all ways are valuable. Love your way of success and love others.

Feel successful in everything you do because your amazing!