Many people say that knowledge comes from reading. In all sense and in a practical way, such statement is true. However, it is my own opinion that reading that’s  misunderstood is not knowing. We don’t know what we don’t know; therefore, we do not always get knowledge from just reading. It is also said by many that knowledge is power. Knowledge is power only when it’s possessed and applied in a way that is beneficial to the one who processes it ,or if he or she uses such knowledge to  help others, then that knowledge is power. 

There are many reading materials  we have read that we’ve never been able to used as a power tool, because as stated above,we have not obtained the true understanding of how to apply that which we’ve read nor use that information to benefit ourselves or others. On the others hand, reading is rather very inspirational and important in our lives. Although seldom times, some materials can be depressing when one is trying to remain positive. But, reading is often good and can be very therapeutic.  It give us more information as well as confirm what we already know to be true for us as well as reveals what we don’t know.  Our own individual truth is the only truth that exists . Reading does not only helps to expand our knowledge and give us an insight of that which we do not know. It helps us to connect with each other, and even helps us to understanding more about ourselves and the universe. Reading is a very helpful tool which can open our  mind’s eyes beyond our everyday ordinary lifestyle as we becomes more aware of an imaginary journey where we are the creator of everything and anything we want. We can become as creative as possible. We can be the star of our own show and be the hero who saves the day or even the universe. I also believe ,however,that true experiences gives one just as much power  as does reading and sometimes even more so.  Because of the experiences and overcoming the challenges of such experiences, one can gain confidence, strength and knowledge that they can now help not just themselves , but they can also help others who are in similar or the same situation and are facing the same challenges as they too had.  

With all that said, I believe that experiences are the best teachers and that overcoming adversities give one knowledge, Inspiration and empowerment. 

When I decided I wanted to become a coach to help others, I sought  to get more knowledge, and understanding of becoming a coach. For that I had to take an academic program. However, my passion and my  desire to impact the lives of others in a positive way has been birth from my healing and my becoming. During my struggles and my journey to my becoming healthier and stronger,I’ve learned so many things about myself and also about the behaviour, attitude and vibrations of others as well. I did not read much at that time, because I was too broken even to read, but the lessons I’ve learned are forever instilled deep inside of me core. The knowledge  I gained is priceless. 

I encouraged you to learn from your past experiences and grow, and as you grow, help others to learn and grow as well. Use your knowledge gained from your past to be a light for other  who are lost in the darkness of their own brokenness. 

Rose Marie Young.