Sometimes you have nothing more than a Vision, and a vague idea of how to create it. Sometimes you have an idea, but no clue of how to accomplish it…yet…it’s the ONE thing you KNOW you’re supposed to be doing.

So you take the first step, you follow your Intuition. You shake things open, you shut things down…you walk away. Excitement!
Then….nothing. Progress stops…you lose your momentum, suddenly you become unclear….you’re left feeling uncertainty. Even wondering if you made the wrong decision.

Welcome to the Unknown. That maddening space of silence…the “in between”. That place where you’re made to feel adrift….yelling at the Universe, “What Now!”….and yet, It’s quiet.

This is where creativity lives…feels counter intuitive, but it’s True. It’s the one thing that no one talks about on your path of Becoming. When you’re “living the life you imagine”.

…And yet, it’s how you know you’re ON the right path.

It feels weird. You aren’t doing anything. Because you’re not supposed to. I think that that is the biggest misunderstanding. We don’t always have to be DOING anything.

So you left the job and the other position you had suddenly fell through. Trust it. That once “really important thing” crumbed and you have nothing to replace it. Good. That thing, person, place that didn’t fit….you walked away from it…And now you have no idea where to go…Keep walking.

As uncomfortable as this is….this really is where you’re supposed to be at this moment. You really aren’t supposed to have all the answers. It’s ok. You’ve still got this. You’re still safe. Let me repeat that again…You are still SAFE. Know that you have all that you need at this moment and don’t worry about the next. Not yet.

Even seeds take time before they start growing. But we KNOW they’re gonna grow.

So sit. Don’t rush it. Don’t try to fill the void. Don’t worry. You’ll know what to do next….when you’re meant to.