My grandmother lived 103+ years. In her late 80’s, a short trip to the bank or the grocery store would leave her exhausted. Nana also worried that slowing down and moving into an Assisted Living residence would be “The End.” Little did she know she had one more business to run, and it would go on for another 10 years! Her passion led her straight to it.

Then, at 100, she told me she had her hip replaced when she was 80. She said they told her it was set to last 20 years. She wondered if she should she get a new hip?

So, what does this have to do with your life? Two things.

Most of us think we have all the time in the world – and we do have an awful lot of time. If you live to 100, you’ve got about 36,500 days, right? Take 7,500 days to simply growing up, and you’re left with 29,000 days, about 80 years. It’s the blink of an eye in the scheme of time and space, even if you live to 100.

That’s morbid! I can hear you.

On the other hand, a big part of coaching is to help you create a reality that mirrors a vision – your vision for your own life. I often ask clients to write their “obituary,” dreaming and outlining their life’s journey and figuring out what they really want. It’s actually pretty fun! If you had to write it today, what would it say? Would you feel like you’re spending your time well? Why not try it?

I’ll bet you’re thinking that I’m about to tell you to quit your job and travel to exotic places, retire early, trust the universe, find the next perfect partner, or move away. But you’d be wrong. And if anything, I’m hoping to create a spark that will cause a wildfire inside you.

So, no, don’t quit your job, but do feel the urgency of your life calling for your attention. 

What was it you wanted to do?

My Nana, secure in her new Assisted Living home, took her passion for sewing and began creating dolls to sell at their bazaar. Then she “hired” others to help her and when they “called in sick” she would deliver their supplies to their apartments. It lit her up! Eventually the bazaar’s dolls were selling like hotcakes and money was rolling in! They used the money to buy coats for children who needed them. 

Little did she know, her role as a CEO would come in her 90’s. She was paid in so many ways. That’s the thing, we never know. We can only plan and make moves based upon what we want for ourselves. But we must take action. 

When we create a vision, we must find that one small step on the way to its creation every single day.

The second thing you need to know is “positive attitude is everything.” Nana didn’t get another hip replacement, but she did keep going. Her view of herself, and as she related to others, was always can-do. I won’t say it was always delivered with hearts and rainbows, but it was always about love, courage, and strength.

This positivity isn’t the easiest thing to maintain, cause lord knows!… sometimes you just want to scream. But when you’re feeling like positivity is hard to find, the next easiest small step is to find gratitude.

Gratitude is your elixir.

No matter what stage of career or life you are at, it’s time to create the spark that starts the fire. Learn how to plan your next move, decide what you really want, and begin to create your vision in real life.