In a world of “do more, be more, more, more, work faster, harder”, and an overload of suggestions, tips, and hacks in terms of self improvement and overall wellbeing it can be overwhelming to know where to start or what steps are best for you.

Creating personalized goals and intentions before consuming all the information is a solid starting point. When we clearly define our goals and break them down into more manageable action steps, we give ourselves a “GPS” to help us design the life we want. ? Pretty cool, right?

Each day, these actions can help support our goals and the life we are trying to create.

Imagine for a minute…the carnival game where you aim the water hose at the dot to inch the little guy closer and closer to the top of the pole (at which point the siren alarms and you win a life-sized dinosaur that you don’t want to carry around with you!). Stick with me. Every little bit of water hitting the dot moves him closer and closer to the goal of reaching the top. However, if you move the water hose too far left, or too far right, he won’t get any higher up, i.e any closer to the goal. Each drop of water from the hose, much like our daily actions, can either get him closer to his goal or further away.

The key is we •get to choose• which actions we take. We get to aim the water hose. We have a choice.

We always have a choice.

We can stay head-on head in the game, and focused…or we can veer left, or right. We choose.

And, I have a super simple, but powerful tool to help.

I offer my health and wellness coaching clients a simple question that we can all ask ourselves about the actions we are taking: Is this supporting the life I’m trying to create?”

Is this action bringing me closer to my goals or further away?

Will drowning your sorrows with old pals Ben & Jerry help you feel better? Maybe.

Will taking a walk outside help clear your mind and improve your focus? Likely.

Will saying no to the invitation that doesn’t bring you joy allow you to practice more self care? Yep.

When we become more mindful of our daily actions, our choices, and our habits, we fully realize the power of choosing those that support our goals and intentions.

✔️ If your actions are pushing you further away, guess what? You get to choose again, my friend. That’s the beauty.

You can always choose again to support the life you’re trying to create!