Joanna Vaiou on Thrive Global - You have a star but you don't know it yet

I have a fierce memory of myself in my twenties when I studied in university. I met a woman who was an English professor and hung out together for a while.

Back then, as a student I has no idea who I wanted to become or what type of person I aspired to evolve into.

I know for sure that from my early years I admired women and men who are bold enough to pursue their custom road of happiness and fulfillment.

This woman seemed brilliant in my then eyes. Once, she looked at me and said: “Ioanna, you have a star over your head but you have yet to see it”.

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I did not see it back then.

It was true. I still remember her words and I always will.

“What can she mean? What does she see that I don’t?”, I asked myself. It was a mystery to me.

My (non professional) evolvement with personal development helped me realize this statement.

I now wear my star as my crown over my head.

And I wonder, do you also remember any similar event from your past?

Were there any words laid out to you about yourself from a wiser person, when yourself wasn’t ready to “absorb” the information and feel it’s meaning?

Some people simply can see some things that other can’t.

In the end of the day, whatever each one of us “sees” and “understands depends on where we are in our personal development path.

Simple truth. Agree?

I believe there is a Star over each human’s head.

It’s in our hands to “see” it and work with it to fulfil our purpose in this world.

As I shared on my Thrive Global interview with Bianca L. Rodriguez: “There Is Nothing More Important Than Having A Loving And Caring Relationship With Ourselves.”

Remember that please (always).