One of the best revelations that can ever happen in our lives is identifying our personality. Many of us live, wading in the muddy waters that is life but have never realized who they are. This article, and more specifically, the topic, is intended to help you discover a fundamental truth of life. 

How many times have we been asked what makes us happy, and we continuously point to a gift from a friend, a trip to sandy beaches of Dubai, or even a summer tour to sample the Voodoo culture in New Orleans? Our happiness, and for many of us, is pegged on outside sources. 

The purpose of this piece, once again, is to drive you back to the power of the mind. What kind of mass destruction can a mentally disturbed mind cause? Or rather to what levels can a positive mind be active?

How important is the strength of will?

The only person with power over our minds is us. Nobody else! You see, you can decide to assume the strength in mind and allow it to flow down the drain. If you allow that to happen, you will start believing that there are outside events that have massive power over our minds. On the contrary, that is never true. 

“Most see obstacles; few see objectives; history records the successes of this latter, while oblivion is the reward of the first. “

 -Alfred A. Montapert

Whatever happens with your life must have been conceived in mind. If all you do is to create a toxic environment within and refuse to see beyond the little problems life throws at us, expect life in oblivion. We can’t deny that the outside does apply equal or more pressure just as we give. But do we bow down to the demanding environment and forget about our abilities?

 The simple rule of life is, let the world apply as much pressure as it may deem fit. However, it is upon us to choose what to do with the demand. As an individual, you can choose to oppose or give in to the pressure to chat a new path. Whatever you decide to do, remember there are always repercussions. But hey, isn’t that what life is. Making decisions and dealing with the outcomes?

I read a lot of materials on psychology. If I can’t find what I want in books, I turn to google to find out what I need to know. I was doing some random searches on the internet, trying to find an answer to a question by a student. He had told me he had enough of life and didn’t know what to do with it. Then I landed on this article, “I don’t know what to do with my life.” I ended up getting more than I had sought. For this topic, I would recommend it any day.

Everything you need for self-improvement lies within you

The person you should always want to copy and be like is yourself. We all indeed have different capabilities and principles. However, the first point of reference for a better person should be yourself. Somewhere between being a leaf on the wind and a log fort, there is some middle ground. We can allow some things to sway us and still stand firmly against others. It just takes some strength of will to select our path, whether it is against the pressure of events or with them. 

We are all unique in our ways. It is, therefore, true that each one of us will solve the same kind of problem differently. While it is positive about wanting to be like someone else and do things better than they do, we should never lose ourselves to be like them. The best way to live, and avoid all the stress, is by focusing on ourselves and avoid unnecessary comparisons. If you must compare, then use it to puck vital lessons and to improve yourself.

“If you do not fight for what you want, do not be sorry for what you have.”


What should ignite your self-belief?

The two basic yet fundamental recipes for self-belief and positive attitude are Humility and attitude. Know, from the beginning, what you want and why you want it. Above all, it is crucial to find out what defines you and sets you apart from the rest. Instead of magnifying your worries and problems, stop for a while, and focus on your strengths. Only then will you change your life!