I got the most wanted wisdom at the time I most needed it. It’s amazing how God can just bless you at the most unexpected time. It is true that He knows what we need before we do- He knows our hearts.

So for a couple of months I found myself thinking about setting up my own website. I thought that blogging on a hosting site will do me some good but it won’t help me maximise in my reach and credit for my work.

I started to research on how to start a website and I came across a few helpful results. They shed some light on what I wanted to do and how I wanted my site to be.

I can tell you one thing; deciding on the structure and overall view of your own website is not as easy as it sounds. There are many great designs to choose from and my goodness it’s challenging. As soon as I learnt how to set up a website, the second step was to find a way to attain the finances to pay for the site on a monthly or yearly basis.

I put finding ways to do so on hold. I thought that it will cost a lot to finance and maintain, but that wasn’t the case. I focused on school and my current hosting blog site. I continued blogging and going to college, until a couple of days ago when I talked to a friend of mine. I told her the story of setting up a blog site and the agonising part of finding funds to pay for it.

Her wisdom really sunk in and she gave me a lot to think about.

She told me that before I start the site there is a lot I needed to do. This is how the dialogue went:

Her: Before you start the blog site, make sure you write many articles in advance.

Me: I know that and I have written them (in my head I’m thinking, yes that might be true but they kind of suck and not ideal for the blog site)

Her: You need to do through planning before you make such a commitment, you know what I’m saying?

Me: Yes, I get it.

Her: You don’t want to be like those people that start something and not commit to it. Don’t be like those YouTubers that start a channel and don’t commit to it and days or months later post a video and be like “sorry guys I’ve been really busy with stuff.”

That gave me a lot to think about. There and then I realised what I want to do is such a big commitment I need to make sure I’m fully invested in it. This meant a lot of sacrificial time towards things I love doing and a lot of writing. I realised to get where I want to be I had to cut on social media, TV and other time consuming things.

The moral of the story is that we all need wise people in our lives. They help us realise the impact and the consequences of our decisions. They hold us accountable for the actions we want to take. They help us reach the success we want out of life.

I believe that God put people in our lives for a reason. There’s an old saying that says, “People that come into your life are either there to be a lesson or blessing.” The wise people in our lives constitute as blessings.

Wise people direct wisdom in our paths because of love. Love makes people do great things for others unselfishly. Love conquers all negativity and failure.

If want to be more successful and get accountability for your choices, hang around wise people.