I was taught that if you are nice to people, people will be nice to you. It pays to move in the world projecting kindness and spreading good energy and more often than not you will receive positive energy back.

Here is why being nice to others is a good thing.

Thinking outside of yourself

Every human from their history and experience at any given moment may have things weighing on their mind. By going into the world and remembering that everyone has been through or is going through something, you learn to think outside of yourself and treat everyone with kindness and no judgement because they too have a story. 

In looking outside of  your social status, clothing, career and all the things humans use to create a hierarchy where those with less material wealth are at the bottom, you create memorable connections with humans from all walks of life. 

You will meet wonderful humans, you will laugh, learn key life lessons and on your darkest days they will give you something to smile about. These connections are not dependent on anything but people seeing each other as humans first before anything. 

Spreading love and kindness in dark times

2020 for every inhabitant of planet earth has thrown many challenges at us. From a global pandemic to racial hatred, this year is teaching us the importance of being kinder to each other.  Being open and kind to others means you see with clarity what your privileges are and where you can help others. 

Being helpful doesn’t necessarily mean you have to donate large sums or give many hours out of your week to help someone.  Give the taxi driver who no longer books as many rides  your extra change, buy produce from small producers, say thank you to the key workers in your life or sign petitions to stop hatred. You do not have to give everything you have but if you make more effort at being open to others you can easily shine a more positive light and spread more love and kindness through simple acts. 

Finding heroes is ordinary people 

When you are asked who you look up to, the automatic popular response is a celebrity or public figure. You can learn from ordinary individuals as well. 

By listening and connecting with others, you will learn of the struggles and handwork of others, that people have overcome so much to be where they are and that there’s so many wonderful humans out there who are silent heroes that dedicate their lives, time and resources to making a positive impact in other peoples lives.  These silent heroes will teach you to think differently about life. 

In times of isolation it is obviously not easy to meet and connect with people but when the time comes, chat more with the grocery store cashier, ask someone how they are and say thank you with extra enthusiasm. Be nice!